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Shoib's action is cleared

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    Shoib's action is cleared

    Shoaib Akhtar action cleared
    Pakistan Cricket Board - 24 April 2001

    The final report on Shoaib Akhtar's bowling action, received from the University of West Australia, has cleared Shoaib Akhtar. The formal official report on his action will be forwarded by PCB's Group of Bowling Advisors for onward submission to ICC.

    Brig Munawar Ahmed Rana
    Director PCB
    24th April 2001


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    the action is not the major problem with Shoaib, the thing is how many overs can he bowls in the comin tour!!!!!!!

    ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!


      I think Shoaib is an over-rated bowler. OK he is fast but he certainly is not a matured player. And he certainly does not have too many grey cells.His body language on the field suggests he is extremely self-conscious of his "play-boy" and "flamboyant" image(Just observe how many times he has to do his hair).He likes to bowl to the gallery and thus sacrificing control,line and length.And its his reputation which always precedes his deliveries that accounts for the batsmen sometimes.
      Also, the last time I saw him ball ,I was convinced he chucks. I vividly remember one particular delivery of his in the last world cup where he had Stephen Fleming bowled out. This particular ball was so clearly "chucked" that it almost looked like he threw the ball hard at Fleming but I was surprised when it was not called so by the umpire.
      Its bad that dedicated and hard-working players like Moin Khan get the boot while these guys hog the limelight without any real achievement except for having bowled so many miles/hr and having "lady-killer" looks.

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        u may have different opinions but the thing is he gives us the firepower which we can use when nothing is going on right for the team.i admit he may not be good enough to take wickets consistently at this stage of his career,but he really can help with a breakthrough or 2 at times when nothing is going right.remember my words,NOTHING,AND I MEAN NOTHING,CAN MATCH SHEER PACE.i hope he does well.



          That is absolutely nonsence to have shoaib in the team for the tour like England untill he is not 100% fit.

          Could u have a gun for which u r not sure whether it will fire at reqd. time or not!!!


            Get someone to CLEAR HIS HEAD too, please.........
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