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Sri Lanka Won Sharjah Cup...

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    Sri Lanka Won Sharjah Cup...

    ...and we lost.

    And after doing so well too.

    we did well.. fought to the end.. for Pakistan for getting to the final!

    This current team combination has lots of possibilities ... it just needs to work a little harder..

    that doesn't mean i didn't shred a tear or two.. .. oh well..


      i think although we won initially but... caz of Saeed and Inzamaam's consistant batting...baqi bhi tu khuch kurain na...yeh tu team work na hova na... we need Yousaf Youhana...and Mr. Keeper...batting tu aaj achi ki...but his field..keeping wasnt impressive throughout the tournament... Rashid Latif..hmmmmmm i think OK... Moeen nahi...who dive nahi kurtay.. .... aur Akram... pata nahi ji he should be back or not.... but if he is aysay hee thori si strong nazar aana shuroon ho jaati hay....aur baqi theek hee hain...

      Zindgi Humain Aazmaaati rahi...Hum Issay Azmaaty rahy



        nahiiiiiiiii i can't believe they lost :-(

        Save Pakistan.


          Man why Pakistan play well in the tournament and then loses the final
          Anyway, here is the ending ceremony commentary:
          Saeed and Humayum batted a bit more carefully but the brilliant catching a fielding by Sri Lanka kept the pressure on and wickets tumbled regularly. Now there was considerable discussion for not having a sudden death final and instead like in Australia have a best of three final. A lot of sense in this feeling expressed braodly as a team in form is often on the losing end.

          The Shell awards for best bowler goes to Waqar for turning 2 of four games to Pakistan. Best fielder award to Sanath jaysuriya for the run outs and catch. Fastes fifty to Shahid Afridi in 22 balls.
          ARY man of the Series, to Inzamam for his avg of 100 plus.

          Losing team $30,000 taken by Waqar for the Pak team and says "We would like to congratulate Sri Lanka and it was just not our day, we are a young team dropped some catches. We sent Humayun to get us off to a good start and then no one could stand with Saeed."

          Man of the Match award to Marvan Atapattu He says "one had to stay and play on and I took up this challenge"

          USD 50,000 to the SL team and the ARY trophy to be received by Sanath Jaysuriya. Holds up the gleaming gold cup 1kg of Gold is the cup
          He says the batsmen played well and we did the job. We needed some long innings and Mahela and MArvan played well. The fielding was good and it was our day today ( )

          Boundary award to Saeed Anwar


            To think I wasted money buying this match and then waking up so early not to miss one minute.

            What a start by Sri Lanka.. looked like they wouldn't even reached 180. Guess not.. that over with Razzaq where Jayasuriya hit him off for two 6's and one 4, and the dropped catch of Waqar's that went into a boundary.

            So many dropped catches, one after another.
            I was so amazed by the Pakistan fielding, but when it came to catch the simple catches (4 out of 6), I was really disapointed.

            The Highlight of the day
            Was when Muralitharan caught the ball of Humayun Farhat at 39. That was.. brilliant, I thought i was watching Australia or South Africa field.
            Another spectaculer catch was by Arnold off Inzamam, with one hand, right in front of him, going reall fast, jumps in the air and catches with one hand.

            Something that annoyed me was the way Pakistan batted.

            Imran Nazir, was bored like hell.. and played his arms slower than the ball was comming.
            Afridi, "round and round it goes.. where will fall nobody knows".
            Humayun Farhat, was one of the worst batting. Ouch.. that got to hurt. He got luckey on all his shots. Every shot was played up in the air, and whatever Saeed told him to do, he did the opposite. Eventually he was gone.
            Saeed, what form he's in! Excellent.. too bad no one would listen to what he would say. Though he almost got caught at 26, with a upish shot too.
            Inzamam, he didn't use the force he is popular for. Though he was unluckey, Arnold took a unexplainable catch.
            Younis Khan, in you go and out you go. Was bored as much as Imran.
            Abdur, he seemed to have something wrong.. really looked mad today....?

            And well the rest did much better than those champions above.

            What was the point of scoring at a run rate of 8.90??? If we had made partnerships, this game was in the bag. Not too hard on a batting pitch.
            To think they were at one point 108/6 only at like the 15th over mark!

            Pakistan played very good in the earlier matches. I really appriciate Waqar's captaining, and I guess the Pakistani's went through that mood swing again, where they just don't want to try.

            Better luck next time. Congrats to the Sri Lankans.

            Oh and did you guys see the Ary Gold Trophy? 22k Gold.. and so huge. Jayasuriya couldn't even hold it properly.
            Hey I liked that trophy.

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              Pakistan lost!
              dil totey totey ho gaya!!
              wats up with the team?
              they never use to loose in Sharja cup!!

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                well DIL to dukhta hai ke Pakistan after givin a better performance in the league games, aur final me haaa jaye, lekin over all Pakistan had done much more better in the recent past, n i guess this should be the start to prepare them selves for the world cup, as its totally a new side, so i guesss it wasnt a bad start, n by this they will learn , a little more of hard work is required thou!

                khair this match it was Pakistan's day, some chances were missed n Attapattu gettin out on no-ball, so luck was a little more on SL's side!

                Congrats to the SL's, n i hope bets for my team that is PAK in the future, Insha Allah

                ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!


                  ummmm.. better luck next time !!!


                    First of all they should kick Afridi out of the team. Big mistake for the captain to send him as an opener.
                    If he did well against NZ chasing the scor of 270 then so what. NZ has a weak bowling side. Should have come at the 5th or 6th place. Saeed should have opened out with Imran Nazir.
                    What is the deal with Imran Nazir in the team. Last time he performed well was in last year's Asia Cup, I have no idea why he is still in the team. The pitch was weak so the bowling wasn't to blame except for Afridi and Malik. It was the great fielding that got Paki batsmen to get out.

                    Thank you, come again


                      whenever Afridi playes the team wins he either getse runs or wickets he was the leading wicket taker he is the best paki fielder and playes better at opening than anybody else he doesnt have to do everything for pak other teamates should do something too and for saeed after long time saeed started doing well bec he isnt opening n Afridi playes well when saeed is not with him at the wicket this is the best change made by waqar n i think waqar is a great captain just needs some more help by the team.


                        bewafa team-its da old tradition of paki team to lost in finals n have lot of fun making their countrymen shameful.
                        after imran khan they r doing da same thing unexpectable.u can't be sure they will win against scotland bangladesh or kenya u have to fear as they are unpredictable.
                        they lost the match when they lost Humayun Farhat's wicket.Paki fielding was really brilliant dropping catches in hands n da lankans taking those which were out of hand.
                        Always they make us realize dat
                        there is no need to cry over split milk why?



                          KOYE BAAT NAHIN!

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                            Originally posted by Spitfire:
                            u can't be sure they will win against scotland bangladesh or kenya u have to fear as they are unpredictable.