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    NE 1 LUV T.T

    I love table tennis. Once the standard in khi was great, most of national players were from khi, but now the standard is going down!!


    i love table tennis. I used to play with some of the greats including arif makhuda, farjad saif etc although they used to kick my butt. Other great players from karachi were ataa abbas, from DJ and azhar shaikh from adamjee.

    There is a thriving table tennis scene in US with club matches and USTTA sponsored events throughout the country. I am assuming you are in US.

    Table tennis in Karachi went the same way as everything else. Less important than ghunda gardi, plus as much of a funs prt as it is and challenging it failed to generate interest from the media. Farjad Saif was ignored by the media even though at one time he was very highly ranked worldwide and had even beaten some top chinese players.

    Ata Abbas left table tennis and azhar shaikh was in the national team, I have not kept up with Pakistani Table tennis for ages now, so dunno how good the new players are. But i doubt that rivalry and culture that existed between islamia club, National Coaching Center, Khokhar, CAA clubs is not around anymore.

    if you are in US are still laying and need a good resource look at u can get all types of blades, assebmbled raquets, rubber sheets etc.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I m still in karachi, for a few more weeks then will go to KSA. The sitaution is taht in one yr only 2 two tourny. r held. Only sharfabad club n khokar club r two where TT is being played.Senior players like asim aziz n nadir sohail have made a group where they play wiht each other . they dont play with junior players. ( I think they have threat of being caught up)
      Any way the situation is desperate.


        Been so long since I played table tennis. I got into the sport when I watched my brothers playing at home in the basement.

        It was their favourite thing to do every evening after dinner in the winter evenings.

        I didn't realize how strenuous and challenging it could be. Didn't take long for me to become hooked.


          I love table tennis. lekin ab to arsa hua khele huay lekin that doesnt mean that I have lost my touch. Was ranked number two in school. Representatives from schools from Islamabad were once sent to China, I was chosen from 300 players in Islamabad. But lost in the last qualifying match.

          Fraudiya Chicago kisi din aa karr do do haath Table tennis main ho he jaanay chahiye!


            Any one from KHI/HYD n still playing T.T.
            N wanna have a match ?