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Can Pak accept GAVASKAR as coach ?

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    Can Pak accept GAVASKAR as coach ?

    That's my solution.

    Pak is looking for a FOREIGN coach. A former Paki coach (Inthikab Alam) has said that there might be communication problems with a foreign coach, since most Pakistani players don't speak/understand english.

    I think if GAVASKAR is considered to coach Pakistan cricket team, the Pakis will have a extremely knowledgable and dedicated foreign coach who speaks and also understands their language.
    And it will be particularly interesting to watch him when India play Pakistan .

    Will the BJP allow Gavaskar for the job, is another matter , ofcourse.

    What say ?

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    Gavaskar may not go as coach. he is making enough money as commentator. Job of coach may not offer as much.

    secondly, though i am pretty sure that gavaskar would bring much needed dicipline in test match batting of pak, I doubt if he can really innovate and plan as far as ODI's are concerned. So Gavaskar may not be useful except for a tip or two. Again if Pak fails under Gavskar's coaching, it may not be taken kindly by patriotic elements in Pak.

    Pak should go for Ian Chappel if available.


      Greg Chappel says he is not available to Pak. Pak should think of Bob Woolmer if possible. He did a great job for SA.


        It would be great if Gavaskar becomes the coach of Pakistan. For starters he commands a lot of respect in Pakistan and secondly he is perhaps one of the greatest cricketers produced by Sub-Continent second to maybe Sachin (although I personally feel Gavaskar was better). It will ease cricket tensions b/w the two countries but then there is a third element which is the "FUNDAMENTALISTS" on both sides of the border. RSS will have a heart attack and they will declare Gavaskar a traitor whereas the extremists in Pakistan will burn his effigy in public.
        Wish we could overcome these petty issues.


          But Why an International Couch???

          I believe Gavaskar to be a great player, don't know his couching abilities, so can't comment.

          Surely him being the couch will help bridge the tensions b/w Pakistan & India ... humm, on second though, don't you think Indians will take him as a traitor & Pakis will never trust him?
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            I think it is a good idea, lekin aik match gavaskar ki coaching kay neechay haaray nahi kay the people will start that we just lost Gavaskar is an Indian!


              Originally posted by ahmadjee:
              But Why an International Couch???

              i think int'l coaches can't handle paki players wasim they need a coach with a pistol in hand to lead their way to success!