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I'm sorry but Women just don't know how to play Sports!!

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    I'm sorry but Women just don't know how to play Sports!!

    Oh man.. and some of you guys thought watching Bangladesh get humiliated from Zimbabwe was funny.. you must watch women play sports!

    They play sports with a huge passion thinking everyone is watching with more enthusiasm than they would against mens.... wrong.

    Ok, one thing I don't like is the fact, when women think their better than men in sports. Your not.. buddy.
    Ratio of athletes are better at the male side than compared to women

    Look at those beasts William sisters. Calling every man on, saying they could beat any guy, haha.. lost to Todd Martin (wasn't it Todd)?

    Another issue bothering me is the fact, viewer ratings are a extreme low for women sports.
    You know how much money cooperations and organizations can save if there was no women sporting events???

    For instance.. look at that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Cricket World Cup 2000. Every stadium was absolutly empty.. no one for miles around. To think big name sponsers came out to sponser the games.

    Do you even think anyone cares if one Woman are better than another?

    For instance:
    "We are the Champions of the World in Soccer!"
    "We are the WOMEN'S Champion of the World in Soccer!"

    See how lame that sounds??? Hahaha..

    By saving money on women sports, they should invest money into poorer countries to develope the younger boys into better athlethes.

    Maybe women should have a hop scotch competition or who can cook food the fastest while running so they can get some exercise (which they complain so much about).

    Overall of course I'm being sexist, but if no one comes out and becomes sexist then women will demand more and more, and someone has to put a stop to it.

    I'm only saying this so we can save money and make more men's sporting events 10 times better than it is now.

    You guys have any suggestions on what to make a World Cup of for Women only.. so we can say "World Champions" instead of "Women's World Champions"?

    women r women n men r men