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Cricket in SHJ will go on, despite India breaks the 3yr contract

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    Cricket in SHJ will go on, despite India breaks the 3yr contract

    FINALLY, it's official and it's over. India will not turn up at Sharjah cricket stadium not only on April 8 this month but for three years at least. The CBFS officials at Sharjah regretted the India government's decision to stay away from tournament at Sharjah.

    "We regret that the government of India made this decision," said a faxed message from the CBFS.

    "CBFS would like to thank the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) for their support and understand their impediment due to this unusual breach of contract forced upon them," the statement added.

    The decision came at the heels of Emirates Cricket Board president and man behind CBFS Abdulrehman Bukhatir visit to India.

    The tournament begins April 8 with New Zealand replacing India as a third team along with Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

    "We are confident that this discriminatory and unwarranted treatment to Emirates Cricket Board will not be allowed to continue and the government of India will reverse their decision in near future," the statement further said.

    "Regardless, the Coca-Cola Cup will be held as per schedule with New Zealand replacing India as the third team and cricket in Sharjah will continue to flourish as usual," the statement concluded.

    Both India nad Pakistan signatories to a three-year contract with the CBFS which bounds them to play at least once a year against each other at Sharjah.

    Chief Executive of CBFS Zahid Noorani said that the organisers will consult the lawyers and the concerned people to find out what sort of penalties, if any, can be imposed on India for breach of contract. "We'll consult our lawyers and concerned people to know how can we proceed after this breach of contract by India," said Zahid Noorani yesterday.

    "There will be no great impact on our long-term strategy as organisers of international cricket. We'll continue to play cricket here in Sharjah with or without India," Noorani said yesterday. "Our contracts and international committments are not affected and we'll continue with cricket," said Noorani

    ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!