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Either Miandad or senior players should go, says manager.

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    Either Miandad or senior players should go, says manager.

    I totally agree with manager's observations but what I am surprised @ is his obsevation of Abdur Razzaq.

    Either Miandad or senior players should go, says manager

    By Imran Naeem Ahmad

    ISLAMABAD, March 31: Faqir Aizazuddin, Pakistan manager on the recent New Zealand tour has suggested that either coach Javed Miandad or the senior cricketers would have to go if Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wants the players and the management to function smoothly.

    In his tour report, parts of which were obtained exclusively by Dawn, the manager observes that Miandad to "some extent" had failed to have ideal communication with the senior players.

    Soon to be put before the Pakistan Cricket Board's Advisory Council, the report says that although Miandad wanted to combine the players' efforts, talent and experience, the senior members of the side, gave little thought to his words.

    The players thought that the coach had negative preceptions. Aizaz points out that most of the senior players were under the impression that Miandad, appointed coach till the World Cup in 2003, wanted them out of international cricket.

    The manager, whose own job is on the line, mentions an incident when Miandad "unintentionally" contradicted the senior players who lost their cool and shouted at him. "Miandad however kept quiet and tried to explain to the players that he had been misunderstood and that he was being taken negatively."

    According to Aizaz, the breach between Miandad, and the players continued to widen as the tour progressed and towards the end it had become "beyond repair."

    A mention has also been made of events following the one-day International at Christchurch that Pakistan lost. Miandad, Aizaz writes, received a "stinging" letter from the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, Lt. Gen Tauqir Zia that greatly upset him.

    Miandad then spoke to the chairman on telephone saying he wanted to quit the tour and resign immediately. However, he was requested by the PCB chief to complete the tour. The tour report, a 30-page document, includes descriptions of events before and after the matches besides individual analysis of players and the team management.

    Captain Moin Khan has drawn adverse comments from the manager, who writes that he is a mediocre skipper and his field placing is poor. "As a captain he lacked initiative and was somewhat uncomfortable with the management and administrators back home." "He is quite sure that by all intent and purpose his career is over. His control on the team was not as strong as it should have been."

    About Wasim Akram the manager reports that "it seemed he was not serious to excel during the series and remained casual throughout." Akram had to return home during the series but Aizaz observed that his injury "came just like that" and he could have continued. "He at times played irresponsible cricket and has to change his attitude."

    Another player to get negative remarks is Shahid Afridi who "as usual was reckless and erratic." "It seems as he was not there to learn. Although he performed in the last one-dayer, he batted quite irresponsibly in the second and the third. He needs to tone himself down, both on and off the field," Aizaz reports. The manager's analysis of other players is as follows:

    Inzamam-ul-Haq: A cricketer who holds strong on the ground. Other than his outburst with Miandad at Christchurch, he behaved amicably and always tried to give 100 per cent for the team. An in-form player who wants to excel and remains disciplined and always enhances team spirit.

    Waqar Younis: Honest, sincere and a complete team man as he tried to inspire the youngsters. Determined and a true professional who knows about his limitations and always wants to excel.

    Yousuf Youhana: Disciplined and a great cricketer in the making. Honest, easy going and possesses strong morals. His approach towards the game is simply brilliant and has a sense of responsibility.

    Saeed Anwar: He has been physically hampered after the surgery on his knee. Though he tried his best his form never returned. He came back after the one-day series because of a groin injury. Some thought that he was exaggerating the extent of the injury but it appeared that he was in pain. He also knows that his future is uncertain as most of the administrators back home think that he is over the hill and his days as an international cricketer are numbered.

    Salim Elahi: A committed young boy who somehow or the other didn't show ideal international temperament.

    Imran Farhat: Enormously talented and played some quality cricket but still needs to learn and mellow down a bit.

    Imran Nazir: It seemed that he was under the influence of Abdur Razzaq, Shahid Afridi and Wasim Akram. He showed his unwillingness to learn. Overall a talented batsman.

    Faisal Iqbal: Has limited talent but is very disciplined and mentally stronger than his age. Can be a future prospect and needs to be groomed for the future.

    Misbah-ul-Haq: Never appeared to be a batsman of any class or substance. Has limited talent.

    Younis Khan: Temperamental and less talented. Mentally strong and brave at heart. Hardworking and wants to learn all the time.

    Abdur Razzaq: Was never in form during the series and on two occasions defied the coach and his irresponsible strokes cost Pakistan the matches at Napier and Christchurch. Seems that he is under strong influence of Wasim Akram and is temperamental. His illness was exaggerated.

    Azhar Mahmood: A nice boy who was unfit to start with and his groin got aggravated at Dunedin. He is the future of Pakistan cricket.

    Mohammad Sami: Find of the tour. Needs to concentrate on his fitness.

    Source Dawn

    Seniors players should go

    btw, nice to know abt waqar and yohanna's
    good attitude
    I'm cold seed, I'm your sweetest leaf
    I'll ease your mind, I'll set you free


      senior players should go! we dont need them(we are sick and tired of losing) if they want play they should do what coach tells them otherwise ba bye


        excuse me immature cricket fans,
        at one time you say you are tired of losing.but arent you contradicting yourself when you say that seniors should go as after they go,we will suffer lots of losses.please think rationally about it rather than bursting out on seniors.



          yeh!! senior players should go..... i m sure the youngsters'll take time but they'll get much better by WC03... plus most of'em r new and r willing to learn.... ppl like younis n inzi should stay in the team to help the youngsters... n definitely YoYO needs to stay !!!


            BBC is sayin that Yousuf Youhana might be the next Captain. I think it would be a good choice, lookin @ the current situation but I think Inzi should be given a chance also.


              By the way folks - that report is fake according to an offical release by the PCB and the Manager - the Manager hasnt even started writing the bloody thing yet!

              Just goes to show why our press folks are as bad as the british tabloids..


                I think seniors should go as they need to vacate space for younger players who will be an asset for the team by the next world cup.

                Also, it would teach players a lesson to be disciplined and respect elders.