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Grande Prix de' Brasil

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    Grande Prix de' Brasil

    The 'fly-away' part of the F1 2001 season concludes in Brazil this weekend with the Brazilian Grand Prix.

    Ferrari has shown total domination during the last two races with Shumacher winning both. I think he'll stay on the same course of action. Home crowd will be cheering off Ferrari's No.2 driver;Rubens Barichello. I think he has proven himself to be a fine race-driver eversince making a change from Ford.

    Lets see if McLaren got its aerodynamic problems all fixed up.. Williams will keep up the heat and would really like to see Montoya do well in Brazil. I'ld hate to see such a talented driver a bust like Alex

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    coulthard pleasantly surprised everyone
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I think it was an entertaining event. Coulthard's persistancy paid-off. Although, Man-of-the-Race was Pablo Montoya. What a stellar performance from a rookie. He was on his way to a victory before being rear-ended by Verstappen.

      Shumacher was having all sorts of probelms in rain. He must be feeling content by finishing second in the race. Lets see what happens in San Marino two weeks from now..


      Jos Verstappen was fined $15,000 following yesterday's Brazilian Grand Prix in which he took out race leader Juan Pablo Montoya immediately after he had been lapped. The Arrows driver seemingly misjudged his breaking distance and clobbered the back of Juan Pablo Montoya's BMW Williams.

      "Having heard the competitors' representatives and the drivers' explanations, the stewards decided to impose a fine of $15,000 to the driver of car number 14 (Verstappen) for causing a collision," an official statement said.

      Mika Hakkinen was also fined $5,000 for failing to re-fit his steering wheel to his McLaren after the car stalled at the beginning of yesterday's race. "This action resulted in the marshals having to struggle to re-fit an unfamiliar component and the safety car to be deployed," the FIA stated.

      No action was taken again home town hero Rubens Barrichello despite the fact that this is the third race in succession that he has effectively eliminated a competitor.

      Montoya's accident with Verstappen is the third time that a BMW Williams has been hit from behind so far this season.

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        Barrichelo should not only be fined but banned for two races - just like Lauda said. His brain dead approach has taken out Ralf Schumacher in 2 successive races - both races where Ralf could'vw won. That said, when Montoya was leading I felt that he was in total control and would easily win BMW Williams their first grand prix together - but unfortunately Jos the Boss had a brain fade. I think Williams are damn lucky to have Ralf and Juan Pablo in the team because both these guys are future WC. Schumy had a poor set up which explains why he was in trouble for most of the race. I would'nt worry too much though - Imola is coming up in 2 weeks and Ferrari should be on song. Lucky win for DC - but he pulled of a great move on Michael and the Minardi...thats twice now that Schumy's been passed while trying to overtake back markers - hmmmm...!