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Why were bouncers banned in cricket?

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    Why were bouncers banned in cricket?

    was it because the goras were to scared to play the west indian and pakistani bowling attack or was it a genuine case of concern for the batsmen?

    It had partly to do with weaker teams such as New Zealand, India, England, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka getting together and creating a mess which the ICC as usual made into an even bigger mess.

    They imposed the two bouncer limir per over in tests and banned bouncers in ODI cricket. Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies were the teams who protested this rule but were out voted by the weaker sides.

    Since then Pakistan, Australia and South Africa have continually lobbied the ICC to get rid of the rule but havent had any success.

    The law is just pathetic. Its just to protect weak batsman and their reputation as flat-track wonders.

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      2 bouncers per over is enough. Give Holding or Walsh 2 bouncers per over and he will keep the batsman honest.


        No way man!

        Lets be honest here ZZ - if India had Shoaib Akhter, Waqar Younis, Mohd Zahid, Sami etc - then you guys would be on the oppositite side of the fence, so to speak.

        The only teams who dont want this silly rule lifted are the teams who do not have top quality fast bowlers. Thats the hard truth. They dont have the firepower and they want to protect the batsman. Its a shame really. I remember seeing Imran Khan hook the likes of Lillee, Thompson etc and Sunil Gavaskar, more often than not, duck underneath the rising ball. Both of those players have different styles and yet were extremely succesful in dealing with the short pitched stuff. Fact is - that sub-standard players such as Afridi, Ganguly, Jayasuria, Fleming, Astle, Hussain, Hick etc would never be able to get runs if the rule was lifted whereas players such as Anwar, Tendulkar, Lara, De Silva, etc would continue to get runs.

        Good players should be able to deal with bouncers under any conditions. Two bouncers an over is a stupid rule. It gives the batsman leeway and just adds to his advantages in modern day cricket.


          well.. 2 bouncers a over means 1/3rd of ur balls can be bouncers. So in 90 overs in a day of test, u can ball 180 bouncers of 540 balls. that's a lot. still u want to bowl an extra bouncer and break someone's helmet, all u lose is that the ball will be given as no ball.. i do not think it is a major handicap.. as far as shoaib akhtar's bouncers are concerned, we have seen plenty flying few feet above head of batsman. I do not think anyone except McGrath uses bouncers effectively today (Waqar used to. no longer in his prime.)