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Pakistan will not play India anywhere in future: PCB Chief

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    Pakistan will not play India anywhere in future: PCB Chief

    KARACHI, March 25 (AFP) - Pakistan said Sunday it will never play India again at cricket in response to New Delhi's refusal to send its team to Sharjah for the one-day international tri-series tournament.

    ``Pakistan will not play India anywhere in any event in the future and that's it,'' Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Lieutenant General Tauqir Zia told AFP.

    ``Enough is enough and we now don't want to get bothered about India anymore.''

    His sharp reaction follows comments by an Indian sports ministry official that India will not take part in the tri-series tournament against Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the Gulf state of Sharjah from April 8-20.

    ``We want to play cricket and that's all. We will definitely send our team to Sharjah,'' Zia said

    He also said that in retaliation Pakistan would not attend next year's International Cricket Council (ICC) knockout tournament in India.

    ``We will not go for the ICC knockout event if India hosts it next year,'' he said. ``We will also take advice from the government.''

    Earlier the PCB's director of operations, Brigadier Munawwar Rana, said: ``Pakistan will continue to be positive as per its current policy and will continue to play with all teams.''

    ``India's anti-cricket stance no more bothers us, it's of little concern now.''

    Zia, who is also president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), threw into doubt the continued existence of the body.

    ``When India is doing all these anti-cricket things the Asian body ceases to exist,'' he said.

    ``I will not preside the ACC meeting in Sharjah next month.''

    Zia said the ICC should have ``asserted more in this regard and acted like football's FIFA, which forbids government involvement in sport.''

    Last year, the Indian government also barred its team's scheduled December tour of Pakistan and had earlier pulled out of the Toronto one-day series with its rival, in protest at Islamabad's alleged involvement in Indian-administered Kashmir.

    ICC President Malcolm Grey last week met Indian Sports Minister Uma Bharti, Foreign Minister Yaswant Singh and Home Minister L.K. Advani urging them to allow India to play Pakistan.

    The ICC, however, ruled out any financial sanctions against India if it continued to refuse to play Pakistan.

    The ICC also set an April 30 deadline for India to spell out its cricket foreign policy so that it can arrange a replacement team to play Pakistan in line with its ten-year Test match programme.

    Alf Allah Chunmbay Di Booti...Mere Maan Vich Murshad Lai Huu..
    Naffi Asbaat Da Paani Mallaya...Har Raggay HarJai Huu
    [Sultan Bahuu]...

    FINALLY !!!! Pak made the right decision.... besides we've got lotsa other nations to play against.. 4get india.. !!!! for Zia !!!

    One falsehood spoils a thousand truths.
    Howzzaaaaaaaaat !!!


      well Pakistan's head finallly got annoyed and guess did the rite decision, but i think he shouldnt do is not to refuse any tournament where India is playing, like the ICC knockout one, well those type of tournaments are major ones, phir woh kaheeen bhi khela jaye

      ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!


        Tauqir Zia is a moron. He says one thing one day and then turns around 24 hrs later and says something totally contradictory.

        I think its the right decision.

        But Ill believe it when I see it.


          Although i am not in favor of such decisions but this time i think Ibdia crossed the limit and Zia has made the right decision.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


            The indian cricket board is quite pathetic in this regards. Those damn losers!


              such a decision was due for quite some time now.
              I'm cold seed, I'm your sweetest leaf
              I'll ease your mind, I'll set you free


                The right decision, one which should have been taken a few months ago. Those morons across the border need to be put in their place.


                  Bachey dar gaye.. Indians are the loosers..
                  Cricket ground or the battle ground..
                  for Zia
                  INSTANT HUMAN

                  (Just Add Coffee)


                    indias cricket board replied saying the decisions arent made by them but by the government.

                    but the sons of biscuits in govt allow hockey and other sports. its real fishy that they would just object to cricket. i think indian cricket team has lost to Pakistan so many times that they just dont want to play Pakistan anymore. Getting it blessed by the govt is just a crooked ploy.


                      Originally posted by Topee Wala:
                      The indian cricket board is quite pathetic in this regards. Those damn losers!
                      that very much sums it up for me...