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Aussie fans "hurt" at Indian players' "rude behavior"

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    Aussie fans "hurt" at Indian players' "rude behavior"

    It seems that the Australian fans in the stadium are hurt that some of the Indian players showed them the middle finger after the match and have demanded an apology ! The Indian manager has denied this but even if this were true why should the Australians complain ? Aren't these the same guys who have invented sledging in cricket ? Their fans hurl all kinds of expletives -- even beer bottles, when visiting teams come to play in Australia. Their team absolutely has to use abusive language while playing -- the Australian media calls it "competitive behavior." Now there is a member of the Australian media who is complaining about the Indians. While I am against sledging, I think the Aussies should take it in the right spirit this time. They should be the last ones who should be complaining. I am surprised they still haven't talked anything about the bad food and living conditions in India as yet !
    Anyway it was a good fighting display by the Australians, Jason Gillespie was absolutely amazing on the last day.

    Thats a laugh. The Aussies, as you pointed out, are the biggest sledgers around. Ponting, the Waugh twins, Mcgrath, Warne etc are all guilty of a lot more than showing someone the finger. Ponting for his part was mostly kept quiet due to his schoolboy performance with the bat, otherwise he's the biggest sledger of them all. And not just verbal, he's been known to throw the ball from his fielding position straight at the body of the batsman but each time he gets away with him...surprise surprise..because it happens in Australia!

    So if the guys really did show the Aussie fans the finger, then more power to them! Too bad they didnt do a bit more of that out on the field.

    Like I said before, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the Aussies. They're getting all they deserve..(in fact they deserve a bit more) !

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      I think Aussies are way more decent when
      watching a game then indians.. Calcuta
      is famouse for this kind of sledging..
      anybody remember what happened to the
      Sri Lankan team when they were winning
      against india in a world cup semi final???

      I wasn't surprissed as it was typical indian

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      There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the end the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. --Napoleon Bonaparte


        well Shane Warne had foood probs in India, and speciallly for him cannned foood was brought frm Australia!

        ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!


          in some sense, i dont understand ganguly's 'agrressiveness'. he is aggressive when it comes to umpires and spectators. but when last australian pair is batting, he sets up a defensive field as if lara and steve are in the middle.


            Glen McGrath had problems with his stomach on day 2 of the 3rd test. He stopped bowling and grabbed his stomach. Possibly some food problems too.

            I don't really mind this sledging, name calling, etc.. I find it really enthusiastic, and builds up pride so you can try harder. This Gentleman's game thing is really bothering me, like in Football, it's allowed, and even makes the crowds more interested.

            Hehe actually if you think about it.. Indian players sticking their finger at the Aussie fans... Hahaha.. good job. I'd also stick the finger at the ICC at the same time.

            Yeah Ponting is the worst of them all, also Slater (which we noticed in the 2nd test).

            Come on, let's get rid of this tea, clap clap, very good stroke.. carry on.. style. It needs to pull the strings and compete with the other sports. More rivalry's, hatred fans, all the better

            Besides Kolkata is great ground for this type of behavior. No other ground as special as Eden Gardens in the world.


              Sledging sometimes seems childish. But if one side does it I feel the other side has a right to retaliate. No need to do it to the spectators though. I dont understand Ganguly's problem -- he's arrogant without reason.
              All I am saying is that the Australians shouldn't complain -- they invented sledging


                This is what i hate about the Aussies the most. They believe that its their right to abuse others but when someone else does it to them they are not ready to accept it.
                We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!