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    yo hoo hoo

    Well done India way to go. Not that Australia is not the best side in the world but certainly goes onto show its easy playing with your own umpires.
    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!

    yeah, way to go India! apparantly, it's only the 3rd time in history that a losing team has won in the continuation of a test match.
    A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


      way to go india!

      a big slap in the face of arrogant,
      proud oh-we-are-so-good-for-you

      it certainly is easy playing in your own

      and keep in mind that there would have
      been no so-called longest winning streak,
      had the aussie umpires been fair in
      the second test in hobart, when aus
      was playing pak. langer and gilchrist
      were given 3 lives each, on their way
      to overhaul a target of 369. cheats.

      I'm cold seed, I'm your sweetest leaf
      I'll ease your mind, I'll set you free


        I guess it was Aussies over confidence which made them loose, and it was definately a gr8 fight back India after a disaster!

        ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!


          >>>>Not that Australia is not the best side in the world but certainly goes onto show its easy playing with your own umpires.<<<<

          harbhajan singh will be up there with the likes of maninder singh. he is a good bowler yaar. i think they won fair and square.


            India defenetly won fair and square the umpiring remark was about the Aussie umpires in Australia and how they helped Australia.
            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


              Congratulations to India!!

              I knew something akward was going to happen in Kolkata like it always does thus I watched it more than doing my own work.

              Just to think this Test Match HAD EVERYTHING
              A Hat Trick (India's first in Test), 9th wicket partnership with Waugh and Gillespie (close to record breaker), India's collapse in 1st innings, the follow on which was chasing 279 just to even the score, Laxman's saving in 1st innings with 60 something, 2nd Innings with Laxman and his 281, Dravid's 180, record partnership, Laxman highest score by a Indian, mighty Australia wicketless all day, Warne's horrible horrible bowling, the amazing 360? lead, Ganguly's selfish and arrogant captaining, Tendulkar's first ever boo and bottle throwing in the 2nd innings when out, Australia chasing 360 in 75 overs, 166/3 for Australia, two collapses by Australia by same Ponting, M.Waugh, Gilchrist, Singh's 13 wickets, the verbal abusing going on, Australia's horrible fielding on the 4th and 5th day, Ganguly winning as the Prince of Kolkata, over 100,000 people squished in the stadium, but the biggest... Australia loseing it's win streak!

              Phew.... now that's a lot, and a hundred more i'm missing.

              It was worth sleeping those sleepless nights watching a test match 8 hours a day for 5 days straight (no i'm not crazy I just wanted to see Australia lose really bad).

              Got to admit, the star was Laxman, without him, India would have been demoralized (and you know how easily we get demoralized down there).

              One good thing, Ganguly doesn't get humilated at home, proves he is the Prince, and Australia is beatable with good strategy and concentration.

              Note: Not a single player who reached a high score in Test matches hit a 6 ever, not even Brian Lara's. Laxman and Dravid did the same, even when Laxman hit 4 4's in a row, the crowd started yelling 6... but he played it cool and defended.

              Oh well not like I love India, but you have to praise good players when you see one. Also a good win, and India, India shocked the world. Still wondering if I was just dreaming at night.. or did they actually win.

              Did you guys see the celebration at the end in the change room? They used non alcoholic champaign.. why? Although Ganguly was having lots of fun with the bottle.

              Just win the series.


                i still cant believe India won ne ways Congrats !!!


                  Well Australia are not yet out -- the series is open. I still think the Australians are an awesome team. One thing I noticed -- they sometimes fall apart in a pressure situation. I was kinda surprised. A lot of the players were not used to 100,000 screaming people in a stadium. Ponting seemed nervous which is very unusual.