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Malaysian Grand Prix

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    Malaysian Grand Prix

    Pick your winners, and throw in your wages. I am the bookie for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

    On a more serious note; This will be the third race in Sepang, Malaysia. The first two won by Shumacher. Coulthard came close last time, but wasn't enough. Who do you pick to win this race? Would change in schedule effect the outcome?


    Actually, Michael won the last race and let Irvine win the first one in 1999 when he made that brilliant comeback after the accident at Silverstone. Still, I suppose you could say technically, Schumacher won in 1999 and 2000.

    As for this weeekend, the Ferraris seem to be quicker than the Mclarens just like they were in Australia. Coulthard is never going to win the title, despite proclaiming every year to be "his year". Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher will once again be fighting for the title - and I think if the Ferrari manage to maintain their excellent reliability - then Schumacher is headed for another win on Sunday. However, it could be a race full of surprises if the top 4 break down. The race is being held fairly early this year and its really hot in Malaysia plus there's a 60% chance of rain. So it could very well turn out to be a repeat of Spa `98 in which case I hope Ralf Schumacher takes his first and well deserved win. Either way, all eyes and all bets are on Michael Schumacher. He's the man and he's on a roll.


      Yeah, you are right. Irvine did win the first Malaysian Grand Prix. I think Hakkinen will finally break through the long drought of unfinished races and take the Checker Flag.


        It is quite obvious that Schumacher will once again be the winner.

        btw he has won 5 consecutive grand prix, he needs 4 more to break Alberto Ascari's record of nine back to back victories!!!

        Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
        Why so serious ... ?


          What an UNBELIEVABLE session!

          1. M.Schumacher Ferrari (B) 1:35.220 209.565 km/h
          2. Barrichello Ferrari (B) 1:35.319 + 0.099
          3. R.Schumacher Williams BMW (M) 1:35.511 + 0.291
          4. Hakkinen McLaren Mercedes (B) 1:36.040 + 0.820
          5. Trulli Jordan Honda (B) 1:36.180 + 0.960
          6. Montoya Williams BMW (M) 1:36.218 + 0.998
          7. Villeneuve BAR Honda (B) 1:36.397 + 1.177
          8. Coulthard McLaren Mercedes (B) 1:36.417 + 1.197
          9. Frentzen Jordan Honda (B) 1:36.578 + 1.358
          10. Panis BAR Honda (B) 1:36.681 + 1.461
          11. Heidfeld Sauber Petronas (B) 1:36.913 + 1.693
          12. Irvine Jaguar Cosworth (M) 1:37.140 + 1.920
          13. Alesi Prost Acer (M) 1:37.406 + 2.186
          14. Raikkonen Sauber Petronas (B) 1:37.728 + 2.508
          15. Burti Jaguar Cosworth (M) 1:38.035 + 2.815
          16. Fisichella Benetton Renault (M) 1:38.086 + 2.866
          17. Button Benetton Renault (M) 1:38.258 + 3.038
          18. Verstappen Arrows Asiatech (B) 1:38.509 + 3.289
          19. Bernoldi Arrows Asiatech (B) 1:38.708 + 3.488
          20. Mazzacane Prost Acer (M) 1:39.006 + 3.786
          21. Marques European Minardi (M) 1:39.714 + 4.494
          22. Alonso European Minardi (M) 1:40.249 + 5.029

          Ralf Schumacher was on provisional pole position on two seperate occasions, beating the times set by the Mclaren and then his brother's Ferrari. Michael nicked pole in the end and Barrichelo picked up 2nd place but Ralf was right up there and I think he has a GREAT chance to win tomorrow. What a session! Great to see the two brothers fighting it out

          The Mclarens were once again absolutely nowwhere - big problems for the Woking team but Ron Dennis deserves a bit of bad luck once in a while to keep that ego of his in check.

          Should be one hell of a race!