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Why is the Pakistani cricket team in such a desperate State of Affairs?

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    Why is the Pakistani cricket team in such a desperate State of Affairs?

    It is sad to see the world's most talented team in such a desperste state....that they got all out for 100 runs by the New Zealand A team......

    The main problem with the Pakistani cricket is that there is absolutely no infrastructure for the sport.......This is what Imran Khan has been shouting for the past many years.....and now this thing is showing up at the national level. There was not even a single cricket academy in the country...(now thankfuly one has been set up)

    The pitches in Pakistan....are so damn slow, that we cant even utilize our fast bowlers, in order to win matches....

    Secondly.....the level of domestic cricket in Pakistan is so low.......Danish Kaneria was termed as Pakistan's lethal weapon by Tauqir Zia, but he prooved an absolute failure in the series against England at home....the same applies to many other players.....

    The last problem is the coach.....I strongly believe that we need a proffessional coach. Javed Miandad may be a master tactician, but he is not a proffesional coach.....Why dont South Africa and Australia assign past greats as coaches......every top cricketing nation has a proffesional coach....we are the only who have never had a proffessional coach. Even Sri Lanka....after employing a proffesional coach....have emerged as one of the top cricketing nations.

    Ok.....want some feedback.....

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