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do u feel as frustrated as i do?

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    do u feel as frustrated as i do?

    ******* michael slater actually goes upto the umpire and argues with him why wasn't dravid given out by the third umpire and make a whole lot of fuss abt umpiring right in the middle of the ground. the match referee says no action.

    nasir hussain another ******* shovels pakistani groung staff and smashes the refrigerator in the pavilion, just because he thinks hes been wrongly given out and actually gets away without warning.

    aamir sohail and inzi get banned for a match just because showing slight dissent against umpire's decision.

    why this difference? just why the hell?

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    Than these people say its not rasicm. Australia is the best side in the world but i don't have any respect for them at all. They get away with everything and our players no matter how small the mistake never walk away without punishment.
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