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Pakistan lay down the law on match-fixing reports

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    Pakistan lay down the law on match-fixing reports

    Pakistan have indicated that their release of future reports in the drive to stamp out match-fixing in cricket will be dependent on pressure being applied to other countries to come clean.
    Pakistan are under the spotlight at the moment, after renewed calls for investigations into two matches in the World Cup of 1999, namely those against India and Pakistan.

    There is also the issue of the claim made by Dr Ali Bacher that umpire Javed Akhtar was paid to influence the outcome of the 1998 Test series against England.

    Pakistan's cricket chief, General Tauqir Zia, has said Pakistan wants to lead the world in tackling match-fixing, but that he expects other countries to be pressurised into following suit.

    He cites the fact that Chris Lewis's claims in England, that there was corruption involved in the most recent Test series between New Zealand and England, have been rather swept under the carpet.

    He also feels that Dr Bacher, who is on record as having made a number of accusations against Pakistan, should be subjected to an inquiry by the International Cricket Council.

    Zia suggests that if others can claim Pakistan's matches against India and Bangladesh were 'fixed', then he could counter by saying that South Africa's match against Zimbabwe in the same World Cup was not an honest contest.


    Good for Zia, it's about time that these holier than thou attitude of England and Australia are challenged. As to South Africa against Zimbabwe being fixed I am sure the whole South African cricketing faternity will rise up and say "never". After all they said the same thing when Hansie was accused.