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India vs. Australia Will be just great!

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    India vs. Australia Will be just great!

    Imagine yourself with your heads held high, proud of your achievements, walk into a packed stadium of 110,000+ screaming, abnoxious people, sledging, dancing and putting you down with a piece of trash on your head also.

    Ahhh yes.. the Indians welcomming the Aussies.

    If I'm not mistaken the Aussies are trying their luck again against India (located on the sub continent) to break their 31 year old jinx.

    Have you heard the comments being made?
    Big man Waugh better live up to them, or Australia will be nothing to the world anymore.

    This series will prove if Australia is the sumreme power to beat anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    Let's see how Shane Warne does against Tendulkar on Subcontinent soil, where the ball spins more, atmosphere pressure, heat and a hundred different things.

    I wonder how all that allstar Aussie team will do now away from Australia and it's surrounding area's. No Kumble and no Brett Lee.
    Captains giving crude remarks back to one another..

    This sure will be the best series to start off the new Millenium or 2001.

    Personally I have no joy in a dull, boring, New Zealand vs. Pakistan series. With empty stadiums, no enthusiasm, any a playing a weak team. Check the scorecards for the test matches....
    P.S. it's not the same against NZ without the allstar Allrounder Cairnes.

    Consider it a warm up, practice, etc.. for the Sharjah series where Pakistan will win!

    Go Pakistan!!

    If I were you, I'd have the remote in your hand and switch the channel to India vs. Australia.. hell in India test matches are actually interesting (since Indians LOVE their Test Cricket..). I sure will be watching.

    What would you rather want to see happen, your "arch rivals" beat the "bragging, proud, cricket champs" or vise versa?

    One point I want India to loose every game possible, but the other part I want Australia's stuborn attitude to stop.

    A must watch series in all aspects

    27 Feb-03 Mar 1st Test Mumbai
    11-15 Mar 2nd Test Calcutta
    18-22 Mar 3rd Test Chennai
    25 Mar 1st ODI Bangalore
    28 Mar 2nd ODI Pune
    31 Mar 3rd ODI Indore
    03 Apr 4th ODI Visakhapatnam
    06 Apr 5th ODI Goa

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    salley traitor

    tum jaise lougon kou peshawar mein nanga khara kar na chaiheyeh.

    go watch india and australia,who cares.and one more thing im revoking your passport.go live in india ya moron.


      yeh kya baqwaas hai?

      Please take out your brain and use it for reading this reply.

      Did I say I LOVE INDIA?
      What gives you the right to say I'm a trator if I love the game of Cricket?

      Yes I love Cricket. I love good competition, I love exciting events.
      I too love watching the Ashes Series (now what am I.. a Aussie or a English because before I was a Pakistani, a Indian, now either a Aussie or English?).

      Is this world so tough that I can't even watch another country anymore?

      I was clarifying that I know the Pakistan series will be one sided.
      Quite obvious with the SL tour of NZ. They are right now slumping to a new low (NZ) after loseing to SL. Injury problems, coaching problems, out of form players, no team spirit, while Pakistan is learning new skills from people like Boycott, we have some of the best players in the world (Wasim, Waqar, Saeed, Saqlain, etc.).


      If NZ is luckey they'll only win one ODI and draw one or two tests.

      Oh and for your KIND INFORMATION.... the last ODI of NZ and Pak will be just when India starts their first Test. Who says I won't be watching Pakistan vs. New Zealand from then?

      It's kameenay like you who are ruining Pakistan on the contrary. With your ignorant attitude we can't even go further in life.

      Remember my good friend, it's just a game, don't take it as life and death.

      Anyway everyone has their right to watch any game they prefer, I love Pakistan too but I just don't prefer the SERIES. Catch my drift.
      But I'm 100% cheering for Pakistan best I can give.

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        Originally posted by Peoples Champ:

        Its kameenay like you who are ruining Pakistan on the contrary. With your ignorant attitude we can't even go further in life.
        abey chupey.salla kawa.peoples CHUMP,terey kou to mein hindustan bheijhoun for the aussies,didnt your
        other get done by an aussie,is that why you like em so much?

        moron.take your hindu-lovin cheese nippin carcus to india or else ill deport yur butt.either way,im revoking your citizenship.go watch india australia in person!

        salla bhosree ka!


          what a wierdo..!


            I am with India go kick the Aussies.
            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


              Yeah as if india are going to beat Australia. Austarlia could beat them with their 2nd string side.Aint going to be much of series when the aussies whitewash the indians. AND THEN ALL THE SUB-CONTINENT WILL ACCEPT THE AUSSIES AS SUPREME FORCE IN WORLD CRICKET.


                people champ yeah everyone has the right to watch any series but i dont need to. It already a foregone conclusion: THE AUSSIES WILL HAMMER INDIA AND PAKISTAN PUT TOGEATHER.


                  I don't care whether India wins or looses but I am supporting them I already accept Aus as the supreme power in cricket.
                  We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                    Yeah, fantastic1, and winning is no fun unless the other's the best in the world, isn't it :-? I will be following this series excitedly too Tendulkar vs. Warne, McGrath vs. Ganguly, and the Waugh brothers will be a show at least at par with the New Zealand's grit vs. Pakistan's talent matchup. I hope both yield good cricket