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Suppose everyones hooked on cricket what about football

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    Suppose everyones hooked on cricket what about football

    This is a pak site, so i guess there only one sport thats been mentioned and that is cricket, What about the worlds most popular sport FOOTBALL ( soccer for americans)looks as though the india-sub conitinent has to go against the rest of the world.

    MIND BOGGLING QUESTION:Why arent there any proffesinal football player and will there ever be one in the top leagues. Why i ask,cus the fact that in the u.k the asians always end up winning these 5 a side touraments and tropies but still there are any in the top leagues.

    Can't figure it out myself

    Did you know that the Pakistan Football team is coming over here in March to play some games against some League teams.


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        yaaar for us frm the sub continent cricket is the game, as there is not enough hype of cricket in Europe, especially for the UK side, so it depends frm place to place, football is preferred thru out th world, and as far as Pakistan is concerned, well the ppl frm Balochistan really like that game, i guess more than cricket, lekin masla is the money, they can give that much time to that game!!!

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          Well we're lazy people.. we get tired easily.

          We can't handle tough game like Football. Our stanima isn't built like the African's or Europeans.

          Football is the best sport in the world.

          And what is Pakistan doing to improve their Football??

          They fire their National Coach (the legendary English Player who has won a World Cup), because he was teaching them dicipline. The senior players, like the goaltender who never showed up for practice didn't like his demands.

          You know, we had high chances of actually getting past our table in the World Cup Qualifiers with all the English born staff coaching very well, getting the Under 19 squad to win lots of tornaments also.. BUT we're idiots and have lost it all (back to the 0-16 loses).

          Now the World Cup 2002 Qualifiers is only TWO-THREE MONTHS AWAY!


          Only the Pathan's and Balochi's are good at Football. It's because of the cold weather, stronger stanima, and same with the Balochi's.


            People's champ - it slipped past me, when did we have a Egnlish coach? Those who fired him should be fired! Need to build from under 16 level and maybe in a couple of World Cups we may even qualify for the final rounds. It's worth a try.
            As you say, our players (and most of the population) are generally an undisciplined lot and need to be flogged, yes literally to get their full potential.


              AAAAHHHHHH! at last the mysterious question has been answred why are't Asians succesful at football,APPARENTLY it is because we are lasy, don't have enough stamina, cus of r diet, cus of r physical attributes, cus of the weather etc.



                I think us Desis are really hard working people. Cricket is not an easy game to play and Hockey is a game of stamina.
                Its just that some countries play different sports.

                Thank you, come again


                  The myth that english football does'nt tolerate racism has been exposed by the brutal beating of muslim by the leed utd players. Its bad enough the fans being racists but the players they are role models to the westerns. No wonder there are no asian footballers as the authorites contine to deny that there is no racism in football.


                    well I think the following explains why pakistani football is a mess:
                    about two years ago, the pakistani national football team set out for a tour of Japan. As soon as the plane had landed all the players disappeared and left the coach behind. The reason for their disappearance is quite clear: they had a visa so they could enter the country, after that they ran away to try and get a political stay and start a new living there.
                    I think this answers your question why the pakistan national team is not good at football.

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                      Nice answer but saying that, the same happens to the cricket team.They all after one thing THE VISA