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ICC announce new ranking system, championship

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    ICC announce new ranking system, championship

    International Cricket Council (ICC) president Malcolm Gray said on Sunday the 10 test-playing nations would compete for world supremacy under a new ranking system.

    Under the program, starting from May 1, all 10 countries will play home and away series against each other within each five-year period.

    ``We're also bringing in a new ICC test championship which will start with the Pakistan tour of England this coming English season,'' Gray told a news conference in Melbourne.

    ``Again that will bring a great amount of context to test cricket. We hope it will add interest to test cricket in that as you know, cricket is a statistical game in many ways and we would hope that a lot of supporters of the game would be interested in constantly monitoring who is on top of that ladder.

    ``The final details of it haven't been decided upon as yet. We're working with Wisden to finalise that test-match championship.

    ``An ICC test-match championship trophy will be brought in.''

    Gray said the rankings would be updated after each series victory around the world and the trophy would be handed on from one country to the next when a nation lost the top spot.

    The points system for series wins would include the past five years of test cricket, he added.

    When a country wins a test series, it will earn two points under the rankings system and a new list would be released detailing the 10 test-playing nations' relative positions.

    One point will be allocated for a tied or drawn series and none for a loss. Gray said the system would take into account the results of the past five years.