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Charity cricket series planned for Indian quake victims

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    Charity cricket series planned for Indian quake victims

    The Asian Cricket Foundation is organizing a three-country cricket series to raise money for the victims of last week's devastating earthquake in India's western Gujarat state,
    Jag Mohin Dalimya, foundation president said Friday.

    The series, involving India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, will be held Feb. 8 to 11
    in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

    Both Pakistan and Bangladesh have said they will participate.

    It was decided to arrange the charity series at a foundation meeting Thursday in
    the eastern Punjab capital of Lahore.

    Previously India has refused to allow its cricketers to play against Pakistan,
    because of tensions between the two countries over the disputed Kashmir region.
    Both India and Pakistan lay claim to the divided territory in its entirety.

    "We haven't heard from India yet, but I am optimistic we will get a positive
    response," Dalimya told The Associated Press in an interview.

    He said India was asked to give an answer within 48 hours to allow the planning
    to begin.

    In Calcutta, Jaywant Lele, secretary of India's cricket board, said he expected
    the government would allow the Indian cricket team to participate because the
    cause was a worthy one.

    "I hope we get the permission quickly," he said.

    According to Lele, the series organizers said they expected to raise more than
    dlrs 4 million.

    In Dhaka, Bangladesh said it was ready to play in the charity cricket series.

    "We have permission from our government to participate in the charity series,"
    Syed Ashraful Haq, general secretary of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, told The
    Associated Press.

    Pakistan's Cricket Board chairman, Gen. Tauqir Zia called the cause "noble" and
    said Pakistan would participate, but only if India also played.

    Remains to be seen whether politics matters more to the Indian government or the welfare fo their own citizens.

    That's great news that it's been confirmed

    Those poor people really.... need shelter, food and Love.

    Why don't they try raising the prices of the tickets a little more too, since they are playing only a few games? It could help out a little more money for the survivors.

    Do any of you you know how much money they will be donating from the India vs. Australia series?

    Remember it doesn't matter who wins this.. well maybe it does. But you get what i mean..


      The tournament is cancelled.


        wats with the indian board n bringing politics in everything ?! HUH .. Cricket's jst a sport... wats the point of bringing in kargil/kashmir stuff in it...huh...

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          pathetic is the word which springs to mind, but then what else can you expect from Indians.


            Uma Bharti rejects BCCI proposal to play in Sharjah
            3 February 2001

            Indian Sports Minister Uma Bharti on Saturday rejected the proposal of the Board of Control for Cricket in India for the Indian team's participation in a triangular series involving Pakistan and Bangladesh in Sharjah from February 8 to 11 to mobilise funds for the Gujarat earthquake victims.

            However, she welcomed the board's intention which was to collect aid for the quake victims. "I am happy with the BCCI's suggestion that Rs 20 crore can be raised through the Sharjah matches. But Rs 200 crore can be raised if our team plays matches with the film stars in the country," she told PTI in Madurai.

            Bharti's stand in line with the government's decision not to have any sporting links with Pakistan in the aftermath of Kargil assumes significance in the context of Pakistan's military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf making a telephone call to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to convey sympathy for the loss of life and devastation in Gujarat.

            Board secretary Jaywant Lele had yesterday announced that the Government had given the 'go ahead' for the tour and said the official communication from the concerned ministry would be received on February 5.The idea to play in Sharjah was first mooted by the Finance Committee of the Asian Cricket Council at its meeting in Lahore on February 1.

            Later, Bharti told reporters in Chennai that this was her view and she had conveyed it to the External Affairs Ministry from which she was yet to get a reply.

            "If they want to organise matches in aid of the Gujarat earthquake victims, they can do it in other ways in India itself. There is no need to play match against Pakistan in Sharjah or anywhere in the world," Bharati, who was in Madurai enroute to Delhi after a visit to Rameswaram, said.

            Bharati said she had conveyed her views to the BCCI through the secretary of the Youth Affairs and Sports Department. She said her ministry could act as a nodal agency to help the BCCI to organise matches between cricketers like Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar with film stars including Hrithik Roshan, and suggested that aid- matches could be held at four venues in the country. They could be staged at a venue each in Punjab, Bhopal, the Northeast and the South.

            Indians were more generous and the BCCI could collect much more than what they could mobilise outside the country. People would know that they were going to help the quake victims, she added.

            Asked why the Government has not reviewed its stand vis-a-vis cricket ties between India and Pakistan, she said it was a bilateral issue and only the External Affairs Ministry could decide.

            "Now the situation is such that the cricket team cannot be allowed to go to Sharjah," she added. "I am nobody to review the situation. Whatever I do, I do in consultation with the Foreign Minister. The External Affairs Ministry also felt there should not be matches between India and Pakistan," the Minister added.

            Bharati said her personal view was also that right now India should not play any match with Pakistan. Asked if she would impress upon the External Affairs Ministry to revive the matches, she said "If they ask my personal view I will give it to them."

            Asked when the External Affairs Ministry would allow the Indian cricket team to play with Pakistan, she said "I can't say nor I can dictate them."

            Asked if she would press for a blanket ban on any sporting ties with Pakistan, she said: "I will not do that because sport is played for spirit. But there is too much of craze in cricket and now is not the situation for the two countries to play."

            well it was 4 their own good..ohh well...itz never possible 4 them to beat pakistan..i think they don't want any money after losing to pakistan...abhi bhi thori se sharam hayya hein they will just stick to their plan of playing with film starz..those poor guyz can't even carry a bat properly and indian team will go victorious in every match..right and deservingly earning the money 4 their broz and sisterz....good 4 them....

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            Har Raggay HarJai Huu
            [Sultan Bahuu]
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              Yes I'm kind of mad that they won't play Pakistan.. but.. then if you think about it.. I don't care.

              What should matter to India more is how to help their people. They have to do what's best for them... Bringing in the Bollywood stars will help out a lot! A lot... of money will come from this.

              Hey.. it worked out in Karachi two/three months ago with a few cricketers and stars like Junaid, and all the other actors and actresses raising lots of money for their charities.

              And you know India. Their obsessed with their stars. So good for India, but they could have maybe rescedualed a matchup with Pakistan some time later..?

              So is Sharjah still going to happen in April or whenever it was originally planned?

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                well this time it wasnt the govt officials, it was the cancelled by the BCCI, so who are now to be blamed, the indian board ppl never wanted to play with Pakistan

                ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!


                  If they don't want to play than who cares? This time its enough and although I am a great supporter of peace between the two countries this time its really enough. I don't think we should send our team to India or any where else to play cricket with Indians. They did not send their team to Pakistan for security reasons now what are their security concerns at Sharjah.
                  We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                    I agree we should stop playing the Indians till they behave themselves and if they want to link it to Kashmir, then we should not play them till they stop the genocide there.


                      do you think they would quit playing if they were winning?


                        Originally posted by mangelo:
                        do you think they would quit playing if they were winning?
                        I doubt it


                          pak/ind amd bangladesh were suppose to be playin for the sake of the earthquake victims, it juz goes to show indian government does'nt really care about their own indian ppl, oh man it's sick!


                            Originally posted by BOLEY BALE LARKI:
                            pak/ind amd bangladesh were suppose to be playin for the sake of the earthquake victims, it juz goes to show indian government does'nt really care about their own indian ppl, oh man it's sick!
                            yeh n besides india'll lose ne way.. so maybe thats another reason for not playin against pak... kher who cares.. its jst the screwed up indian board..


                              well the tournament wj=hich was supposed to be played in SHJ to raise money for the victims in India has beeen cancelled, well now India is planning to organize a quadrangular tournament in INDIA in April, but in that Pakistan ka naaam nahin liya gaya, why doesnt INDIA dont wanna play PAK, ab haaarna se darte hain kya???/

                              ~ mera Junoon, meri DIL KI BAAT hai!!!!