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Do we hold a chance in 2003???

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    Do we hold a chance in 2003???

    personally i think that if our squad contains players like akram we have no hope of bringing home the cup from South Africa.

    What do u guyz think?

    2003 is gonna be in SOUTH AFRICA!! woohooo!!

    Ok, I'll start taking up reservations now.
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      v have a very good chance!...

      don't jump to conclusionz rite now!
      itz like 2 yearz away!!!
      itz cricket!
      game of chance!
      anything can happen!..

      Uske ik ik hurf ki teh mein mein ne akser chahat ka deriya daikh..
      uski ankhon mein mein ne akser pyass ka sehra daikha..
      derd ki ruut mein kon kisi ke zakhmon pe merhum rakhta hai..
      chandni raat mein mein ne akser chand ko tanha daikha..


        We have a chane, but we need new fast bowlers.
        Akram and Waqar are getting old.
        Saqi, Azhar, Razzaq all are good.
        But we need 2 extremely fast bowlers, like Moh. Zahid.
        We have enough batsmen, we don't need more.
        Saeed, Nazir, Youhana, Inzi, Moin and anybody else, say Younis Khan.
        But we need bowlers, and on SA pitches we NEED QUICKIES!!!!

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          i agree with CM, we need fast bowlers.

          shoaib is o.k but he needs to fix him self up.

          we need to get rid of WASIM AKRAM, good for nothing, piece of $#it.
          if we continue playing with akram and we get to the finals, he will again take like 200 million dollars then and set new records for lowest score in world cup finals..

          pakistan zindabad
          criket team pa-indabad


            Yaar aik to mein teh parh parh key tang a gain hoan. Why don't the Pakistanis get rid of Wasim once and for all. Every one from the president of the board to the newspaper people keep saying this no one takes the action.

            Let me analyise the last to world cups in Wasim's perspective. Six months before the world cup he was made the captain, after being thrown out as a result of players conspiracy against him. He was expected to build a world champion team in six months very fair. Same was done in 1999. He took the team to the final where an unprepared team crashed to an Australian team that comprised of players that were playing together for a long time.

            Imran Khan won the world cup after captaning the team for some eight nine years at one time. So get rid of the devil Wasim if you think that it can help Pakistan win the world cup Of course he is not bigger than the country and I will be delighted as well if we won in 2003.

            But just clear me on this was it fair of us to expect him to build a world champion team in just six months when even Imran could not do it? After that just get rid of Wasim no problem after all as someone few days back put it at that he belongs to the street and he should be dumped back. Go ahead and do it what is everyone waiting for. Well everyone is reluctant because whether they say it or not all know what he means to Pakistan cricket. Good Bye.

            Have a great Eid day.
            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


              i agree with the statement above


                We need some reliable batsmen like Youhana n Inzi as well as good fast bowlers like Razzaq.We can't hope good performance now from Akram or Waqar.They r good but not as before.So get prepared 4 it.Don't sit 4 da same sqad including Ijaz as these r their last yrs n they will do matchfixing, satabazi n many other things as its da end of their career n if they were fined then it will be less than their one match fixed money n will not miss much cricket.


                  1999's team was a last minute build up.
                  Usually teams build with a base unit for 2 years. We grabbed any players like Wasti and threw them in the bunch.

                  I hope someone does some improvement in the One Day game for Pakistan. Selection is getting on my nerve now.

                  P.S. The World Cup shouldn't happen in South Africa.


                    I dont think we can have a good selection until we get rid of the Prejudicism in Pakistan... I think we all know "Punjabis-Mohajirs"... I personally dont care who plays on the team cause i am not Bais .. But our selection Managers only select players which have payed them enough or the player is a relative or something...

                    Look at the team - and u will know if the Selection People r Pun. or Moha. -


                      Now forget about Wasim Akram I don't think he will play till the next world cup any ways. So lets select a team that has the potential to play till 2003 (and play well)
                      Who should be the captain? I am sorry but with Moin we don't have any chance.
                      And who should be the coach? I know Javed was a good player but he is not a good coach he is too negative in his approach and lAacks agression.

                      Currently there are in my opinion only three players that are a must for the team
                      Yousaf Youhanna
                      Abdul Razzaq and Saqlain Mushtaq. Don't know the rest don't know the captain.
                      Any comments please be realistic
                      We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                        Lets choose a team for 2003 and forget about Wasim Akram he wouldn't be there i think in anycase.
                        Who should be the captain i don't think we can win with Moin.
                        Who should be the coach no doubt Javed was a good player but he is not a good coach he is too negative and agression is a must for a successful team. He is always involved in politics as well whether one admits it or not.
                        There are currently only three players that I am sure will do well namely
                        Abdul Razzaq (one days only)
                        Yousaf Youhanna
                        and Saqlain Mushtaq.
                        Don't know the rest nor the captain. What do ou think?
                        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                          My team for 2003

                          Saeed Anwar
                          Imran Nazir
                          Inzimam Ul Haq
                          Yousuff Youhana
                          Abdur Razzaq (Vice Captain0
                          Moin khan
                          Azhar Mahmood
                          Saqlain Mushtaq (Captain)
                          Shoaib Akhtar
                          1 fast bowler
                          1 spinner (kaneria)

                          Thank you, come again


                            Ok we can have lets say Saeed Anwar Inzimam and Imran Nazir.
                            I can't agree with Saqlain as captain he loose his temper very quickly recent example being the test against West Indies.
                            Azhar Mahmood i am not sure he can only play as an alrounder what if his batting form does not improve he is not a good enough bowler to be in only on bowling basis.
                            Shoaib Akhtar only if he can stay fit Why I did not name him is because we don't know how he will play once he makes a come back.

                            And who will find the one fast bowler and one spinner?
                            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                              Sup people

                              as an ardent and die hard wasim akram fan, I totally disagree with throwing him out or whatever...have u people forgotten his two hatricks in the test matches against sri lanka, the one day series in sharjah? we thrashed those teams...everyone has their hi's and low's...but I do think that the teens have to be given a we did we Abd-ur-Razzaq and Azhar Mehmood(I think these two will be called the two a's, what do U think?)
                              and then we have shahid nazir, shoaib akhtar, Danish Kaneria, and there's this other new dude, I can't remember his name...anywayz...with the likes of waqar younis and wasim akram, saqlain mushataq, and not to forget moin khan and saaed anwar to groom them, this will be the new genearation of cricketers which pakistan can rely on to win the cup in 2003, that's my speculation...hey if Courtney Walsh can still be playing and notching up the world record then so can wasim

                              anywayz...I just wanted to know one more thing...what do U think of mushtaq ahmed's I loved the way he danced to the wicked and delievered the ball...I hate to think that this dude's career is over

                              latez people

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