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sex for wickets in Pak cricket.

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    sex for wickets in Pak cricket.

    <From Asian Age today>

    By Nabanita Sircar

    London, Jan. 21
    Money, it appears, is not the only reward in the raging cricket match-fixing scandal. British investigators are to question prostitutes who performed sexual favours for famous players to fix matches.

    The prostitutes included a doctor, nurse, travel agent and television presenter. Reportedly one was Pakistani, one was Chinese and all the others were Australian.

    According to Qasim Omar, a Pakistani cricketer of the 1980s, they were used by illegal bookmakers to lure top cricketers into throwing games or to reward underperformance on the field.

    A team of anti-corruption investigators of the International Cricket Council, led by Sir Paul Condon, flying to Australia next month for the ICC quarterly meeting, will carry the list of 23 prostitutes.

    Before seeking to question the women and the bookmakers, the team will brief the governing body of the progress of its investigations. It will interview Qasim Omar after it returns from Australia.

    Now living in Britain, Qasim Omar, who has played with Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Javed Miandad, has told the investigators about the sex-for-match-fixing scene and has provided addresses and telephone numbers of all the women to Sir Paul Condon’s team, according to a report in the Sunday Observer.

    He claims that in the mid-1980s, prostitutes were supplied by an Australian bookmaker through two “madames” in Sydney, and the network of prostitutes for cricketers spread from Brisbane to Perth in Australia.

    He has also provided information about a similar network in New Zealand, and the bookmaker there has also been named.

    Qasim Omar claims that an Austra-lian bookmaker lavished money and gifts on both home and visiting players. He reportedly paid up to £3,600 for throwing their wicket away and gifted watches, gold pens, jewellery and spirits as perks.

    He has named one world-class batsman who was paid £9,000 to throw away his wicket in the first four Tests of a five-match series.

    Allegedly, one top Asian bowler has also been identified by Qasim Omar, who underperformed in a number of Test matches in Australia in order get the money to complete building his house. He has also named a Test-side skipper who was paid for advising the bookmaker about the team he intended to field.

    According to Qasim Omar, these deals were conducted in hotels like the Sheraton in Sydney, a restaurant in its red light area and McDonald’s in Melbourne.

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