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How to improve Pakistani cricket

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    How to improve Pakistani cricket

    There have been many proposals on how to improve the first-class structure in Pakistan. This is the simplest and best I have found. Let me know what you think.

    The following is an excerpt of an article of Abdul Hussain I found at

    If you put your heart to it, improving the domestic structure is not that hard. The first thing to do is to make first-class cricket only for the best 150-175 players in the
    land, this means that you don't need more than seven or eight teams at most. Make these teams regional, find a sponsor for each team and a sponsor for the
    tournament, limit the number of grounds that first class games are played on so that only the best grounds are used for the season, and you have resolved most of the

    Scrap any organization-based tournament and focus on only one four-day tournament and possibly two one-day tournaments for the year. The seven or eight teams
    could include two each from Karachi and Lahore, and then one provincial team each. Sind would play in Hyderabad, Punjab in Faisalabad, Frontier in Peshawar and
    Baluchistan in Quetta. Initially, the players would be allowed to move around and represent whichever area they got selected for (like Adam Gilchrist leaving NSW for
    WA to get better playing opportunities), but once the structure is well established, you will probably have more home grown players and less moving about. Have a
    four-day game that plays from Wednesday to Saturday, with the one-day version being played on the Sunday.

    People will say sponsorship will be hard to find. I would disagree, you have to convince all these banks and corporates that, instead of having their own teams, they
    should simply sponsor a team. These teams can then have a name (e.g. Karachi 'Lions'), logo, etc., and the sponsor would have prime access to all advertising.

    It is not that hard as all it needs is the sincerity of purpose and a willingness to support change.