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Indian Cricket Team may visit Pakistan after all...

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    Indian Cricket Team may visit Pakistan after all...

    The newspapers have reported that the Pak Cricket Board has received information from BCCI, that Indian government is willing to allow the cricket team to visit Pakistan for a shorter "good-will" tour. It will have 2 test, 5 ODI and 1 four-day-match.

    If true, this series will allow both the teams to face-off in one of the most exciting tours. The spectators on both sides of the border should hopefully get some really good treat.

    Despite the poor form displayed by Pakistan recently, we all know that both these teams transform into an entirely different outfit when they play each other.

    For the sake of cricket, lets have this tour.

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    bk to ma

    Uske ik ik hurf ki teh mein mein ne akser chahat ka deriya daikh..
    uski ankhon mein mein ne akser pyass ka sehra daikha..
    derd ki ruut mein kon kisi ke zakhmon pe merhum rakhta hai..
    chandni raat mein mein ne akser chand ko tanha daikha..


      I just erad in news that India has agreed to come but on a condition that they dont wanna play any tests at karachi.

      I am sure they r shi**ing their pants coz they know pathans living in karachi r very strong.....

      Someone tell those indian stupid indian board guys that karachi isn't pakis best ground anymore......They lost to pommies....india might be the 2nd one to beat us there......u neva know.....can't say anything on the current form, can we?


        Meet me in Karachi
        Meet me in Karachi,
        the city of lights,
        lets meet and rejoice,
        and behold its wondrous sights
        Karachi is where it all began;
        where our cricket was born,
        its spread all over, ever since,
        but its here the seed was sown

        its the realization of our dreams,
        countless hopes all bright
        we played cricket to celebrate,
        from dawn to the start of night

        lucky we are there,
        as we've have never lost a test,
        and there may be newer venues,
        but its still out best

        leave the sorrows behind,
        for cricket will entertain,
        and win or loose,
        calm and peace we'll maintain

        if they score a hundred,
        we'll clap in acclaim,
        and if they score no runs,
        we'll celebrate all the same

        we'll urge on the bowlers,
        when you meet me in the stands
        though I am happily married,
        if you're a girl, you may hold my hands

        brings your friends along,
        when the Windies come in town,
        for surely we'll beat'em bad,
        to take the World Crown

        Meet me in Karachi,
        a torch of hope we'll light,
        and trust you me,
        we'll keep the flames alight....
        Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
        Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq


          Oh no Pakistan has not won a home series since 1997. Does this mean we will have to face the humilation at the Indian hands as well. I don,t think so because loosing is no humilation. WelCome India we are waiting.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!