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Anand on verge of FIDE championship

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    Anand on verge of FIDE championship

    Anand won with black today. That makes it 2.5: .5 with Shirov. Shirov has to win twice in next three games. Anand has two whites so any chance looks unlikely for Shirov.

    Now who is chess champion in world.

    Anand defeats Shirov (looks likely)
    Shirov defeated Kramnik (98)
    Kramnik defeated Kasparov (recently)
    Kasparov defeated Anand (95)

    Some people believe that maybe FIDE have another superfinal involving these 4 players who have top rating anyway so that we know who is the best. Some people are already talking of FIDE champion playing Kramnik. Some people are suggesting 4 man championship. Point is will Kasparov get in? He should realize that now after he lost Kramnik, it does not matter much for people if he does not play.

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    Yup... Anand is FIDE champion. First Asian champion for that matter. That is wonderful.

    Looking forward to Anand Kramnik match if FIDE holds it.