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Who is the best?

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    Who is the best?

    You or Me. Just kidding.

    Actually what I want to ask is that who is the best umpire in the world right now? In your opinion.
    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!

    I think it is Peter Willey. Unfortunately the "old guard" like bucknor, sheppard should hang up their coats & retire gracefully as they are becoming a bit too crap!!


      oye vehshiiiiii gujjaraan, zyada na bukk oye!!!! Humaray pathan umpires r the best in the whole wide world.....They r not given chance on international level since board is controlled by NO-PATHANS

      Give PCB to us and we will clean-up the game like we have cleaned up AFGHANISTAN from all the crap.....and yeah we will beat the sh** out of kaffirs like we did against RUSSIA.....

      GET IT OR NO GET IT !!!!

      U......OK U......C U
      your's: Pathan bhai