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Best pakistani team ever!

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    Best pakistani team ever!

    What could be best Pakistani team ever. Of course, miandad, waqar, wasim, imran (captain) will find place. How about qadir, zaheer abbas, saqlain, wasim bari, sarafaraz nawaz, haneef mohammad?

    P.S. I mean test team, not ODI.

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    Oh you know how much argument has and can go on about this issue. I don't they'll ever be able to find the Best Pakistani Team ever.
    Each country just had too many good players with different styles, different period of time, different supporters, different opposition. Although.. my team would be like this (Not fully sure about the order).

    Might I remind you all, that back in those days, a country would only play ONE test series a year. Oh and what excitment it actually was.
    So don't judge anyone on how much runs they usually scored. But at the average they did..

    Hanif Mohammed - Need I say?

    Saeed Ahmed - Might have scored 3000 runs. Thinking that's short but remember back then playing tests were once in a year. He at many times in his career just batted away while the rest of the team departed. Supposedly had a temper problem, and thus caused his fulfilling career to an end.

    Zaheer Abbas - I loved the way he would play his front foot. India was his puppet. He could rock them forever. My goodness.. Supposedly almost 2000 runs against India! No way.. just can't imagine it. I found out though he had lots of trouble facing those fast bowlers of West Indies.

    Javed Miandad - Oh yeah.. he can save the game for ya alright. I although didn't like his captaining much.. but could he play the ball. Didn't matter who it was, Odi or Test. Don't think many Pakistani's in the future will be able to accomplish what he did.

    Majid Khan - Someone who could play the Australians for so many years in his time period is quite amazing. Also all his series to West Indies were good too.

    Imran Khan - Probably the best Captain ever for Pakistan? What a motivator, and leader. Also not only that but a classy batsman and also bowler. We need a leader immediatly like him right now for Pakistan!

    Wasim Akram - I don't know how long he'll play.. but he's damn useful doesn't matter how old he gets. He wasn't a bad captain either, too bad he couldn't continue.

    Abdul Qadir - Now this guy could make the ball turn. Just fun to watch Qadir bowl, in his unique action for leg spinning.

    Wasim Bari - Every team needs a wicket keeper. I guess he focused more on keeping, than batting, which made him unique to current keepers.

    Fazal Mahmood - This guy was one of the promenant pace bowlers. When the mighty English, who were unbeatable, played Pakistan first time in 4 tests. At the Oval, he stunned the English that Pakistani's were someone special, and won the game for Pakistan with 12 wickets. Something like over 20 wickets in the series.

    Waqar Younis - Big accomplishment to get to the 300's in Tests and ODI's. Hope he can play for few more years with the same speed he has now.

    Well since I have picked my team. I would have wanted to add some more like Intikhab Alam as a All rounder, Asif Iqbal, Mustaq Mohammed, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mudassar Nazar, Sarfraz Nawaz.....


      Excellent line up Fantastic1.
      Agree 100%

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Hey CM where is my line-up. I still have to give mine. I will hope fully post it tommorow today I am too busy.
        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


          Hey i thought that was your line up??
          If it isn't its mine now!

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            Hahahaha.. abay CM, that's mine
            Oh no i don't got copyright laws to it yet.. hehe.


              I think Peoples Champ, u added a bit to ZZs question regarding the best team. ZZs question, I believe, was about the best team, as in, the group of players who played together as a team. And Peoples Champs list was regarding top 11 all time getting together to make a team. I more or less agree with Peoples list, if going for an all time team.
              Regarding the best team, I would have to go for the one that played under Imran Khan in the late 80s and early 90s. Perhaps the best disciplined team Pakistan ever saw, and perhaps the more impactive captain Pakistan ever had.


                Opps sorry my bad then..


                  I think the best team Pakistan ever had was the one toured Australia and West Indies in 1976 under Mushtaq Mohd. That was the best team and Mushtaq was the best Captain we ever had. I remember the performance of Wasim Raja, that was excellent.....

                  Have a Take
                  Don't Suck


                    Ok here is mine.

                    Imran Khan (captain)
                    Wasim Akram (vice captain)
                    Waqar Younis.
                    Abdul Qadir.
                    Asif Iqbal.
                    Majid Khan.
                    Zaheer Abbas.
                    Javed Miandad.
                    Wasim Bari.
                    Hanif Mohammad. (though not to sre he was a little too slow).
                    For the elevnth place Fazal Mehmood and Saqlain Mushtaq can switch places according to the pitch and conditions.

                    If a team has to be selected that played best at one time I will select Imran's team without any doubt.
                    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!



                      Thats not too hard a task. Lets see.

                      Saeed Anwar (He's the best opener to come from Pakistan - ever. Nothing more to say)

                      Hanif Mohammad (The little master may not have gotten runs quickly but his ability to face up to the West Indian and Australian fast bowlers means he can be a perfect foil to a classy opener like Saeed at the other end)

                      Majid Khan (Majid's elegance can only be bettered by Saeed Anwar - in his time - Majid was perhaps the best batsman in the side)

                      Javed Miandad(Vice-Captain)(Javed is probably the best all round batsman to come from Pakistan. He`s done it all. A true fighter, a shrewd cricket brain and someone who can be counted upon to play for the team)

                      Asif Iqbal(Asif may have been the most selfish cricketer to have Captained the side but he was the best player of spin bowling Ive seen from Pakistan, and he was lightening fast between the wickets)

                      Imran Khan(Captain)(Imran was the best Captain we ever had. And the best allrounder.People ***** about Imran being too arrogant but his attitude and his strict enforcement of discipline combined with his all out aggressive and win at all cost approach is what led the 92 side to lift the World Cup)

                      Wasim Akram(Not entirely above board when it comes to ethics. But no doubt his ability. An intelligent bowler with the ability to bowl a side out on his own - though he may fall in the category of 'selfish players' along with Asif Iqbal)

                      Mushtaq Mohammad(A talented allrounder. His batting was probably his stronger side but he had an excellent test record and like Miandad - was a smart cricketer)

                      Wasim Bari(He was the best 'keeper during his days. A handy bat - who would never set the park on fire with his batting but could be relied upon to fight it out)

                      Abdul Qadir(Qadir was the man who brought back the art of leg spin in the 80's.He was a moody chap who was excellently handled by Imran Khan.Qadir's variety and penetration is what made him such a great bowler)

                      Waqar Younis(Waqar is a fighter. He's come back from back operations,knee surgery and during his prime was the best bowler in the world. Devastatingly fast. And had the ability to bowl fast for long spells unlike his prodigy Shoaib Akhter)

                      Believe In Angels.



                        Any team would do as long as Salim Malik & Asif Iqbal are there- all the matches would be dramatic, exciting and unpredictable. You would have exciting batting collapses, frustrating misfields, amazing turn-arounds etc etc.

                        Oh yeah- you could make a few bucks out of it as well.