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The art of captaincy

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    The art of captaincy

    A lot has already been said of the humiliating defeat for Pakistan. I belong to the Vehshi group asking for Moin's head!! I think his captaincy was disgraceful due to the negative tactics deployed in the match. It is up to the captain to gel the team together. All you hear him do behind the stumps (thanks to the stump mikes) is criticising all his players instead of providing motivation. At this point I would like to refer to the following article:

    The above article mentions the fact that Nasir Hussain over the last year or so since SA series has made: 10, 21, 0, 15, 8, 10, 6no, 22, 0, 0, 7, 0ret, 23, 5, 51 &6no. (If he was Pakistani, he would have been out of the team by now). then it says that :

    "The difference between the sides in Pakistan was Hussain's leadership. He has rejuvenated something that was in a state of serious neglect - the Art of Captaincy".

    Another quote: "Hussain had good players, though no real crackerjacks. Pakistan, by contrast, had three aces in Inzamam-ul-Haq, Wasim Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq. England triumphed because Hussain was clever and his opposite number, Moin Khan, was clueless."

    If you cast your mind back to the great Pakistani team in the late 80's it was not as talented as the present one but as a team it gelled much better under Imran. Imran Khan was drafted back into the team in 83/84 after his injury purely as a captain as his batting at that time was not that good. Maybe that is the answer- choose a player with a good cricketing head and use him purely as a captain even if he is out of form. I don't know who that should be- any ideas??

    I totally agree with your thoughts. Moin is not a good captain. He is not an average captain either.
    Question is, who can be a good captain out of present side?


      Originally posted by analyze it:
      I totally agree with your thoughts. Moin is not a good captain. He is not an average captain either.
      Question is, who can be a good captain out of present side?
      Two things .. like Nasser being a bad bat we can not afford a bad keeper who is also less than an average captain ..
      Second… Now who should be the Skipper??? .. hmm very hard to pick one there are no leaders in our team.. but it was a huge mistake to get rid of Waseem as captain but they had to for his neck deep involvement in the betting scandal … well if you go by that argument he should not be in team in the first place! I personally go with Waqar … he got some fire left in him and he might be an above average bowler these days but still he is very competitive and aggressive .. and Youhanna, Saqi, or Razak should be his vice .. and eventually take over the crown in couple of years … but the nagging question and this is the most important one is how would the team will play as a unit rather than as individuals? Hey that’s skippers job to figure out !

      Hey one more thing
      These things are hard to explain
      For some it seems strange... to swallow
      The frontier of our minds
      Is the last place we find
      But maybe the first place we should go


        I don't think Waqar is a good choice as Captain. He is not the brightest of sparks around! Wasim is the best choice but politically incorrect.

        How about Rashid Lateef? He seems to be a man of principles (his alleged stance against corruption) and would be a good substitute for Moin. But maybe - just maybe too much bad blood.

        How about Saeed Anwar. He is an intelligent chap? Or bringing someone out of retirement as a captain only who can't bat or bowl. He could take Afridi's place in the team!! If he is willing you could wheel back Imran (who would love the opportunity for some exposure considering he is a politician now), Ramiz (talks a good story as a commentator), Salim Malik (maybe fix a few matches in our favour to help us return to winning ways?).

        Any other ideas??


          Moin as captain is fine.
          Lets look at his record in tests only.
          Got whipped by SL in Feb and March.
          Whipped the WI in WI and had a throughly excellent series in April and May
          Whipped SL and got retribution. A worse whipping than we had in June July.
          After a 4 or month month break the team is back in test cricket.
          Performance dismal.
          Pitches even worse, they weren't built to our benefit, which was stupid.
          We lost to England.

          Two loses, one were we got whipped, the other where we lost to poor captaining.
          Two wins where we whipped the teams in to submission.
          So it stands even.
          What we do in NZ and ENG next year will all depend on the captain.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!