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Imran blames negative approach for defeat

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    Imran blames negative approach for defeat

    As usual, the great Khan cuts through all the crap and points the finger in a way that only born leaders are able. Without using any of the harsh hyperbole that some of the national cricket writers are throwing around, Imran pin-points Pakistan's fear of losing as the main reason for defeat. Have Imran's 'Cornered Tigers' become Moin's cornered chipmunks?

    Probably a bit harsh, but we definitely need some fresh thinking. Read the article. Imran Khan is one of the shrewdest commentators in the game, alongside Ian Chappell Geoff Boycott.

    Khan jee is so right … why in the world we never use pacers ! .. Supposedly Pakistan have an array of fast bowlers … but we insisted on playing lame ass spinners .. Saqulian being the only guy who can make the cut … Danish is fine but Arashad, Afrrdi is Pakistani cricket trash … Saeed never surprises me .. the guy has been inconsistent all through out his career and the number of ‘illness’ he suffers through sounds suspicious .. he should hang his bat and admit himself to a medical institution … Akram is still good but the guy is on the declining end of the curve … and Waqar is still got some juice and he is out there to prove himself … Yohana and Razak are the bright spots in the team the two have improved by each series and they are focused and most importantly consistent and ever growing …. The pair could or should be the future captain and vice …. The biggest dud of the Pakistani team is Shoaib .. the self proclaimed ‘sex’ symbol .. have never really proven him self .. he got more injuries than his wickets and the injuries come at a faster pace than his ball does…. Moin .. the guy has been a fighter through out his career .. being captain of the boat made this fighting cheetah a poll scratching cat looking for excuses and negative approach … and no doubt he always was, is and will be less than average keeper

    Hey one more thing
    These things are hard to explain
    For some it seems strange... to swallow
    The frontier of our minds
    Is the last place we find
    But maybe the first place we should go