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Azhar Mahmood or Saqlain Mushtaq

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    Azhar Mahmood or Saqlain Mushtaq

    Lets face it Moin Khan is not as good as he used to be. Whether its his Batting form or decision making, he is not the same anymore.

    Its about time to make a change. Give it to someone younger with more enthusiasm. Mahmood or Saqlain are the two top contenders.
    I would go for Saqlain since he is a spinner and has his place confirmed in the side.

    Saeed Anwar (our best) should take a break and should only be playing veryvery Important ODI's and Tests (Aus, SA and now Eng).
    Saeed Anwar obviously was not fit enought to play against england. Making 52 off 52 balls shows you how eager he was to score as quickly as he can and against a top internation side eventually you are going to get out doesn't matter who you are!!!

    Bring Mohd Wasim back and please get rid of all the allrounders (razzaq, afridi) from the test side.
    Looks at Auatralia. What a wonderful outfit!
    almost unbeatable and they have not a single allrounder. Just 6 batters/keeper/4 bowlersis the way to go.

    The test team should be as follows:

    Razzaq (batsmen who can bowl)/M. Wasim
    Younis Khan/Mujtaba/Nomanullah/any young genuine batter
    Waqar/any1 else
    M. Akram/Kenaria (depending on conditions)

    If the team mentioned above plays, and does half justice to their talent, i have no doubts we will aussies run for their money anywhere in the world.

    Ps: there r ups and downs to everything. Dont worry and look forward to the Kiwi Tour. Kiwis arent pushovers lemme tell u. Expect a close fight.
    "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)


    With reference to Saeed - he's always had problems with his health - thats because Saeed has somewhat of an eating disorder. He doesent eat ANY food 24 hours before a game. And during the game, all he has is ice cream and liquids. Thats why he catches all sorts of viruses and fever etc. There`s nothing he can do....just one of those things. That said, Saeed is definately disappointed with his performance...I think he himself knows he has'nt lived up to his own high standards during the series but knowing Saeed - he'll come back with a couple of big hundreds in the next series...he's a big occasion player.

    As for the captaincy...Saqlain would never be a Captain. He doesent have the communication skills nor does he merit an honour such as the Captaincy. He still has to prove that his loyalties are with Pakistan and not Surrey before he can even come close to becoming a Vice Captain...let alone the Captain.

    Azhar Mahmood...on the other hand...would be a great choice. But I think it`s a little too soon for Azhar..maybe by this time next year. Till then, Wasim is the best choice with Azhar as a Vice Captain.

    Hasta La Vista Moin - you just dont have what it takes. It's time the PCB lets Moin off the hook so he can go back to being our top keeper (who doesent drop dolly catches) and a dynamic lower order batsmen.

    Believe In Angels.



      i agree......Moin must go. Give it to saqi or ajju....and bring sohail and mujtaba back.



        ramesha - your ideal side was almost exactly the side that played. the problem we have is a) talent - theres no denying we just dont have more than two or three world class batsmen b) mangement to extract the best of th talent - thats the biggest difference between the likes of australia and sa and england relative to us and the wi. theres no committment, strategy, fitness, support or teamworking.

        as much as i was a previous exponent of his, i tend to agree that moin has to go - any other captain in the world would have bowled negatively - down the leg side, and as it was getting dark, played the seamers. unforunately it looks like the only skilled replacement is wasim, who is probably a crook, and would involve too much embarassment for the pcb to reinstate. other than that i cant think of a single other player. saeed doesnt have the mental strength, aher isnt good enough, aamer deservedly has no respect and saqlain is too young, although of all the other hopeless lot, he's probably the most suitable.

        odds are moin keeps the job through lack of alternatives. the real culprits that need changing are the pcb and perhaps even miandad, at the very least he should get a stiff slapping.


          I agree that Moin is no captain.

          The PCB will persist him because
          amongst the seniors the only one
          who is better captaincy material
          is Wasim and he is damaged goods.

          Saqlain is a good bowler but has
          shown that he cannot handle pressure.
          A captain has to keep his cool when
          others find it impossible to do so.

          Azhar Mahmood's place is the side
          is not a forgone conclusion.

          Of the youngsters I think Youhana
          possesses the qualities needed to
          be successful as a captain.

          He is consistent.
          He is a team player.
          He is cool under pressure.
          But he is also Christian
          so I doubt the board will
          give him a chance.

          As far as I know he has had
          only one opportunity to captain
          a Pakistan XI. Here is the scorecard: _WI/SCORECARDS/PAK_WI-SELECT-XI_09APR2000.html

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            Godzilla .. right on!
            The Pakistani team lacks professional attitude towards the game.. once a player becomes a ‘senior’ member.. he loses his passion for the game and indulges into politics cutting others throat … replacing this with that will not change the results .. what Pakistani cricket needs is a gradual improvement .. where players are groomed on the school/district/city/region under professional coaching system .. where they will learn strategy, fitness and most importantly the team spirit which we seriously lack … players are not accustomed to listen to coach all they talk about is personal glory .. I want 400 wickets I want a century .. with out putting any ground work they think that their talent will carry them … not so .. Sri Lanka is a shining example of a well coached team who became serious contenders with a small bank of talent …
            All these changes need to be made by a person who has experience and vision about cricket and have practical knowledge.. a stooge from barracks would only harm cricket … before people start talking to ax players they should send the clown Taqeer to his dumb fk master Musharaf .. he might (Musharaf) arrange some kind of a deal where Waseem, Malik, etc. can settle in a foreign country !

            Hey one more thing
            These things are hard to explain
            For some it seems strange... to swallow
            The frontier of our minds
            Is the last place we find
            But maybe the first place we should go


              i think we dont have a consistent opening pair for a long time, once in a blue moon the opening partnership goes more than hundred, mar mar ke bhi 50 par pohanchte hain

              so i think they should atleast look towards this aspect, opening is really a major factor

              n the second thing is Pakistan has to find a threatning fast bowler, ab Wasim kitna time serve karega to his team, by the Wasim leaves the others bowler is ready


                Moin is an unimaginative captain...but there just aren't any alternatives. There are no natural leaders in the side. Where we could make a change is in the vice captain. Is Inzimam really a logical choice? Vice captaincy should be given to someone like Anwar or Youhanna. Youhanna should be groomed for future captaincy because he is cool minded and determined.