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    The Pakistan cricket board needs to be "congratulated" for producing such dead pitches that they made England's dream of at least drawing the series a reality. With stupid friends like the Paksitan cricket boards who needs enemies!!!!

    Three dead pitches, long live the board



    And it looks like the trend would continue. The cricket board has hired NESPAK to prepare our pitches! Talk about morons!What the hell does NESPAK know about cricket pitches. It's just ridiculous. What we should have done was to hire an Australian to come over and prepare pitches for next season - at the same time - train our groundmen and therefore produce result oriented wickets. If we continue to make crap wickets, we'll end up like the Indians and the Sri Lankans - ie - tigers at home with huge and meaningless batting records - and sheeps abroad.

    I have a lot of respect for Miandad and Hanif Mohammad,but they dont know **** about how to prepare a test match wicket. You need professionals to do that. Not ex-cricketers nor gardeners.

    Believe In Angels.



      The second test would have been won, if it were not for the patethic batting display by ENG.
      3 days to score 350 runs.
      No one can win when the other team is out to draw the match.
      No matter how the pitches are produced, if the other team just wants to play for a draw and not for a win, then what can pakistan do???
      These guys block half the time, the other half our bowlers beat them.
      The brits are doing what they have wanted to do through out this series, draw it, and not loose.
      Take this test for an example 2 bloody days and they have scored 277 runs.
      Pakistan can't bowl them out on a dead wicket like Karachi's.
      The wicket at karachi has always been dead, and it is expected to play like that.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!