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Maiden ton for Abdul Razzaq......!

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    Maiden ton for Abdul Razzaq......!

    so, the test ends in a draw...... even though the bowler did fairly well in 2nd innnings....
    good stuff from Abdul Razzaq, he gets his first test ton..!

    Yeah great job and now they're thinking him to to move him on the 3rd position in the order. I don't know if its a good idea, should have put in Youhana on 3rd and kick Inzimam out and put Imran Nazir in.

    Thank you, come again



      Razzaq's always done well at No.3 - he was impressive in the World Cup and now in this game against England. Whether he should be a permanant one drop - is debatable. He's not the best of runners b/w the wickets nor is he fit enough to bowl 10 overs and bat at number 3 like Kallis does for example. Razzaq, in my book, is more talented than Kallis and Azhar Mahmood for that matter but he isent as fit as those 2. So, it would be better to let him bat in the lower order until he improves his fitness. Elahi is a good number 3 - and either Aamir Sohail or Imran Nazir should partner Saeed Anwar - Afridi is a good, fighting cricketer - but he`s not an opener - no matter what the selectors feel.

      Believe In Angels.



        Originally posted by ManiaX:

        Afridi is a good, fighting cricketer - but he`s not an opener - no matter what the selectors feel.

        I agree cus we cant have an opener whos gets a rush of blood to the head. He needs to control his aggression. The one thing going for him is that he is young and if he learns to control his aggression then he could do well. Having said that, maybe still not as an opener.

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          Ok Test cricket is different thatn ODI cricket, Can someone please tell Afridi and the PCB that please!!??

          What Pakistan needs to do is the same as the Australians, make a ODI and Test Squad.

          Afridi is just fine in ODI (on some ocassions). It would be good to see him bat down the order in danger of a collapse or last over runs.

          Abdur bhai hit a fantastic century. Really happy for him

          Otherwise, people are talking about number 3. Youhana is fine at 3rd on both forms of cricket, even though Razzaq batted really well at 3rd in the World Cup, I'd give him a upper hand for ODI. YY bats slower with more singles and skillful shots.. something needed for Test matches only.

          No harm in bouncing them up and down since the next game there will be another new player to mix in.

          Saleem Elahi is fine as a opener for Test and shouldn't play ODI (for the time being). Imran Nazir needs some more practice also. Let's keep both these players away from one another. Maybe Imran to only ODI's?

          Overall.. we have too much talent and only a 11 man lineup.


            Good job by razzaq.
            But afridi is no test player.
            On the other hand Imran Nazir is.
            He has foot work, timing and style.
            Afridi is a slogger nothing else.
            I think he should be dropped from the team as a whole.

            My line up for both tests and ODI:

            1. Anwar
            2. Nazir
            3. Youhana
            4. Inzi
            5. Moin
            6. Mahmood
            7. Razzaq
            8. Akram
            9. Younis
            10. Mushtaq
            11. Danish - Or Anybody depending on pitch - extra spinner, quickie or batsman.
            It does not matter.
            But i would be happy with Danish.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              Well done Abur Razzaq. He's always done well coming in at no 3 but to be fair, Saleem Elahi is also doing a good job, and I agree that YY also has the right game for that position. We just need Imran Nazir to stake his clainm for that opening slot...


                I luv Abdul Razzak, he is the best!!!!!