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Faisalabad test heading for a draw?

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  • CM
    We need to post 350 plus, but at the same time give England enough overs to think they can make the target.
    The would like around 75 overs.
    Then we take them out, as they will trying to keep a high run rate, and the spinners will be picking them off like flies.
    Mostly on the boundaries.
    We must win.
    We can draw.
    We can't lose.
    It will come down to the third test if nothing happens here.
    And you can't afford a 0-0 series.


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  • hewolf
    Mr xtreme,
    u have said all the important things, but i would like to add some thing..
    well my point of view is that if the Pakistan team put some 300+ runs on the board as still 53 overs are remaining, then we have a chance to win. But for that purpose they really have to play aggressive, which makes sense having batsmen like Moin khan, Abdul razzaq, Wasim, saeed and inzi............if they play some fire works ... i think the remaining 5th day should might trouble the english...

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  • Mr Xtreme
    started a topic Faisalabad test heading for a draw?

    Faisalabad test heading for a draw?

    Looks that way. England have finished day 3 on 278-8 which looks like they will score about the same as Pakistan. England seem to be playing survival cricket in the 2 tests so far, taking 2 days to score 300 runs. Batting so slowly is nullifying their chances of winning, but they probably feel if they bat more positively, Pakistan's spinners will go through them.

    I think in the face of such tactics, Pakistan can afford to be more aggressive in the field. More close catchers should be employed and the fielders brought in closer to cut off singles to apply pressure. I don't think batsmen should be allowed to play back with a dead bat like Thorpe and Atherton did and get away with it. I feel we haven't really applied enough pressure when we had the chance.

    I doubt that these tactics will work for England against Mulitharan when England go to Sri Lanka.