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2nd Test Match : Faisalabad - Pak v Eng

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    2nd Test Match : Faisalabad - Pak v Eng

    Disappointing performance by our batsmen today. After winning the toss, we had a great chance to win this game on a pitch which looked a solid banker for 400+ runs for the side batting first. Although we recovered to 243-5 thanks to Youhanna and Moin, we really shouldn't have given England a sniff on this pitch. All our batsmen got themselves out with Saeed and Elahi playing the most disappointing shots, especially as they were playing so well. Once again, Youhanna's discipline and patience really showed up some of the other guys.

    We are still in a decent position but Youhanna will need support to make sure we get 350 at least.

    Afridi looked really vulnerable against the short ball and an opening batsman can't afford to have a weakness like that.

    The selection of 3 spinners was right I feel, because England really struggled to support Giles. Also, the fact that we still reached 243-5 with only 5 batsmen shows how easy this pitch is. Only carelessness cost us wickets. We will need the spinners in my view, and if we can get near 400 England will be under real pressure.

    As it is, they must be happy that we haven't really punished them after winning the toss.

    I couldn't watch the match but I heard that they were going to do something special for Wasim's 100th test match.
    Did anything unsual happen?
    Agree with you 100%.
    First of all they shouldn't even put Afridi in the test squad in the first place, since he is a great striker and not much of a patience player.
    Either Muhammad Wasim or Imran Nazir should have gotten chance to play in this match.
    Surprised by Moin's performance, still stayed on a pitch and now he has 57 runs and not out.

    Thank you, come again


      No Umair, nothing unusual happened unless you count Izimam getting out by playing a defensive shot onto his pads and then his stumps. The wicket is fine, with just a little more bounce than Lahore.

      Agree with you about Mohammed Wasim. Possibly Elahi should open with Saeed and Wasim should play no.3. I always liked his temperament and shot selection. He's the closest we have in discipline to Youhanna.


        wow. we have a christian and a hindu player representing pakistan in this match.
        Hindu is Danish Kaneria and cristian is Yousaf Youhana

        unity, faith, discipline
        Pakistan Zindabad


          Umair all they did was that they presented Wasim a gold plaque before the start of the game.

          I still don't understand the point in playing three spinners when Afridi is there as well.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


            Umair all they did was that they presented Wasim a gold plaque.

            I still don't understand the point in playing three spinners when Afridi is playing as well.
            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


              I think afridi should not be in opening place if he is to be used as a spin bowler as well, Moin played really well, good captain innings, I felt so good to see Pakistan selection committee's Yohanna and Kernaish choise, good to see equal rights to everybody, that is what our religions tells us. At least we pakistanees are not discrimintating anybody....Well done to Selection Board. Hope to see some runs tomorrow from Yohanna and Moin Khan and a fifty or century from Akram will be bonnus.


                They should have gone for Vicky in place of Afridi … damn it .. how many light years will it take for the selectors to figure out that AFRIDI IS NOT A BATSMAN ! and NO HE CAN NOT OPEN … he got to many flaws … but I still think he can make a place in the one day squad as an allrounder dropping down in the batting order …
                We already have enough batting with Vicki in and Afridi out .. Razak is a solid bat and Moin always come through and Waseem is a useful bat as well .. Vicki is an aggressive bowler he forces the batsman to make mistakes (lbw’s , slip catch) Razak is not gonna make any impression with his bowling on this kind of wicket … it up to the spinners now to get English batting … Danish deserved a place in the team after his marvelous run in the domestic cricket .. but people should not expect him to perform miracles .. he is young and this is his first match .. I would love to see a quality leggie in our ranks … Youhana is the man ! the guy has established himself as a reliable backbone of the team ..

                Hey one more thing
                These things are hard to explain
                For some it seems strange... to swallow
                The frontier of our minds
                Is the last place we find
                But maybe the first place we should go



                  Waqar was going to play in place of Razzaq but he caught the flu and was released by management for the test match. Shame really -For Waqar in particular since he`s desperate to get into the team.

                  Our batsmen were simply careless yesterday.
                  Saeed was furious with himself after he got out but he really had no business trying to
                  play over the top when he was already scoring fluently by playing his regular brilliant shots along the ground. He needs
                  to buckle up and get a big hundred - 50's
                  arent anything for a player of his calibre.

                  Elahi looks far more comfortable at number 3 ..good for him. I hope he stays there and the selectors dont feed him to the the wolves by making him open again since he has failed in every test he`s opened in. Aamir Sohail recently got a hundred playing for LCCA - maybe he can be given a go one more time. Nazir still has a way to go before he can be succesful oepning in tests. Playing Afridi as an opener is ridiculous but the selectors keep getting away with it because of an occasional 40 or 50 odd by Afridi at the top of the order.

                  Look out for Kaneria - he`s the most talented leg spinner since Abdul Qadir.
                  He'll make an impact today but he's definately a star for the future. The fact that he`s a hindu - doesent matter and rightfully so.

                  Believe In Angels.



                    How about the crowd!? Remember when they were playing Vital Signs for a while.

                    Well Pakistan was playing for the first hours like it was a ODI game, and scoring at the run rate of 5.50 rr. Saeed played really well, and as you know about Saeed's stats, it's a known fact that everyone holds their breath when he reaches 55-80, since he always gets out there.

                    If Afridi wants to smack balls all over, I recommend him to come down teh tail, in case of a collapse. Sometimes he plays too foolishly.

                    Inzi's loss was cheap. It was quite funny to see it hit the wicket though. Oh well better luck next innings.

                    And the rest.. well YY is playing sensibally. Not in any rush. Moin on the other hand should play a little safer now. We are loseing wickets, as captain he should be aware of the outakes.

                    As for multiculturism, I like it. Supposedly Danish Kaneria can collapse a team, with good support next to him. It's good to see a hindu especially on the team
                    Oh.. it'll be even more interesting to play India next time with him.

                    How about Stephen John eh? He might be rumored for New Zealand later on, if he shows good signs with Islamabad. It'd be even better to play England with him too.

                    Ok going to go watch the game in a few minutes.. so i'll cya guys later.

                    Yeah Waqar bhai is sick. Also he praised Wasim as Pakistan's best ever cricketer (new friendship sticking together again?).

                    Oh and what a crappy opening ceremony for Wasim. Small little plaque.. pretty cheap.

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                      I think viki dadda well as munni bhai who got his form back after long time....
                      "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


                        well congratulations everyone, Kenaria has just struck and has got his first international wicket...WATCH OUT WORLD

               Moin Khan b Danish Keneria......30 55 3 1

                        Another dismal batting display this morning....moin shuld've stuck around....We r missing Waqar badly....I wish he was fit....


                          Pakistan are in a decent position after reducing England to 110-3. England had looked to be in a strong position but 2 late wickest from Saqi put them on the back foot. Bucknor gave a bad decision against Hussain, but this was balanced by Mian Aslam failing to give both Atherton and Salisbury out when they should have gone.

                          New boy Kaneria bowled beautifully as did Saqi, but Arshad Khan didn't look a threat at all. at least he was economical, bowling 4 overs for 5 runs. Seamers again disappointed but this track isn't helpful. The pitch is still a bit slow, and it was when Saqi started firing them through a bit quicker that he got some success.

                          England are trying to play the spin off the back foot to avoid bat-pad catches so I think Afridi might be an option with his quicker pace.