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    About our Players...

    Salam Friends:-
    let me tell u about one player 'Ateeq-ul-zaman'.
    "Pakistan cricket board ke information ke mutabik aik wiqat keeper 'Ateeq-ul-zaman' ko dora-e-w.indies ke doran written warning di tih jinhoon ne is doray ke doran aik lardki ko hotel mein la ne ki koshish ke tih. is khalari par match fixsing ka bhi ilzam hai. cricket ke halqoon ne hayret ka izhaar katey howay kaha ke is khalari ka abhi kariyar bhi nahi start howa ke yeh is kisam ki nazeeba harqat mein malowas ho raheen hai. hamare pakistan ke leyeh ye baat kablee-sharam hai or in khalariyon ke waja se hum apna muqam gawan behtain hai.

    Aik sathi
    [email protected]@zi

    I love URDU !!


      Hmm? Toh ji?
      Baat to qabil-e-afsos hai hi per koi nayee baat nahi hai.

      Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!


        Originally posted by Timepass:
        I love URDU !!
        Salam Friends Timepass & Hum Sa Ho To Samne Aaye:-

        u love urdu. is ke ilawa bhi kuch samaj aya?
        haan! HSHTSA! koi nayee baat nahi hai. paki ppls shayed addi ho gayein hain.

        Aik Sathi
        [email protected]@ze

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          Just tell me one thing are the players not from the same society we live in? They will behave the way boys do behave in this country. Why we expect them to act as super Pakistanis. They face same kind of problems usually lead same kind of life as normal Pakistanis do so when they get exposure ofcourse they will act in the same manner. There is no guidance for them.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!