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A Champions League of Cricket (IT WILL WORK)

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    A Champions League of Cricket (IT WILL WORK)

    Ok now I ain't crazy.. you can still feel my forehead now.

    Alright this my plan.. you all know in Europe, they have the Champions League for Football, where all the best clubs in Europe play for the trophy.

    Well that's what Cricket needs... no no not a Europe league. A World Club league.

    The best teams from around the world would play against each other.
    Eg, Yorkshire vs. Mumbai, PIA (I hope they get rid of sponsers and make it cities) vs. Western Australia, Mashonaland vs. Border.

    So there would be like maybe 24 teams into 6 groups with 4 teams. (Can be changed).

    That would be really interesting for each player and country and the people. It would also develope a better national team for each country. Going to go see a Auckland vs. Surrey game, or Lahore Blues vs. Dakha, Jamaica vs. Victoria, etc....

    Trust me, that would suceed. Just to see who would be the best club in the world, playing on each countries soil. Then eventually the quarter finals, semi's, final.

    All One Day games, maybe 45 overs? Probably Top clubs from each country would play, and a bonus of three or four developing countries like UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands.

    Hey.. it could even be, Saqlain going to Lahore to play PIA against Captain Wasim.

    Oh well.. it probably will never happen because of the critics of Lords. We might as well throw this into the garbage.. next idea for the future of cricket?

    PC this idea is not new .. Imran Khan is lobbying this idea for the longest time …that will be awesome to put city based teams .. but I am not sure how it can be done .. we can not get rid of sponsors .. in order to have the city league model we need wealthy owners/organizations to foot the players salary, facilities and infrastructure … and that is next to impossible in Pakistan at the moment … we do not have that kind of structure to support league sports on a pro level … see the way it works (simple analysis) in Europe and USA is existence of wealthy middle class who relish their leisure and entertainment by paying tax dollars to build stadiums and infrastructures and buy sports merchandise from their discretionary income … for Pakistan (or India, Bang, Lanka. WI, ) it will take more than an idea they need organization, audience, and most of all economy to put that kind of a thing in place

    Hey one more thing
    These things are hard to explain
    For some it seems strange... to swallow
    The frontier of our minds
    Is the last place we find
    But maybe the first place we should go


      It sounds like a good idea but instead of supporting 'Pakistan' you're supporting 'PIA'. lol

      I guess every country plays provincial cricket and isn't that like a stepping stone?
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