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The Slumping DEVILS

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    The Slumping DEVILS

    What's going on with the Devils..perhaps too much partying over the off-season after winning the Stanley cup. They look like a team which is nervous and demoralised. Inability to score has really caught up with them. I think Scott Stevens have to get it together or else it'ld be a long season.

    Well, they snapped the 6 game loosing streak by beathing Bruins in O/T 3-2. Scott Gomez scored the winnig goal. They are still below .500 and and only manage to queeze the win out of a struggling team.

    Messier and company are in town to take on the Canucks tomorrow night. It's going to be an interesting game to watch. Lets see what old-horse Messier has to show for..

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      #3 bro
      Its all bout the bucks
      Their 2 big guns are still holdouts to this date, thanks to contract sqaubling. Jason Arnot and Scott Neidermayer are holding out, and keeping in mind Lamoriello's hardcore stances in the past against holdouts, he might end up trading these two rather than give in to their demands. So we might be looking at a sub par season for the devils this year, unfortunately
      Dem fish are doin good haan


        Well, the hometown boys really put a number on the Rangers 4-3. But, it was a great feeling to have Messier back in Vancouver despite the fact that he is the captain of NY
        Rangers now.

        Yeah, I think without Neidermayer and Arnott..Devils don't have much of a chance...

        Big game comin' up tomorrow in Miami. Lets see how Dolhpins defence reacts