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England vs Italy friendly

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    England vs Italy friendly

    It should be an interesting match. Finally someone who is in favor of giving some younger players a chance.

    Frankly though Heskey needs to really rpove himself, other wise Kevin Phillips, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Andy Cole and Gerrard are all qualified to take the spot. I would like to see a Phillips/Heskey combo sometime.
    Although I feel that a Gerrard/Phillips combo will be amazing if tried out someday.

    barmby has experience playing with Heskey which may be good but For this specific match I though heskey/cole would be a decent combo for speed.

    Gareth Southgate will be crucial in this game as he really is a seasoned player but has a few years ahead of him and would hold the mid togethet.

    James is in, which is def great because david seaman, as great as he is, is on a downward spiral now and will not last much longer ad if James cant be the starting goalie he could be a backup for flowers.

    It would have been a better team if Scholes, Gerrad and owen were in it, but are out due to injuries.

    I wonder why they dont play mcmannaman, scholes and beckham in the mid? i know scholes is injured but mcmannaman always delivers yet is alays left out. and can someone tell me why we still have a Neville in the back...both bros crack under pressure are over rated and too slow. why keep them.

    so as much as ai agree with trying out new players, they should have done a phillips/heskey attack and should have kicked neville out, plenty of defense players in england.

    I think Italy will win, but I think that the game will be more exciting than what the fading old timers of england were showing. New blood in excitement.
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