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India 56 All Out-Thats gotta hurt

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    India 56 All Out-Thats gotta hurt

    56 all out on a Sharjah wicket where Jayasuria got 189...Thats gotta hurt for the Indian fans. Seemed like Tendulkar was'nt for the others..well they're all one match wonders. But still 56 all out..Ouch!

    Believe In Angels.



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      To think I watched the whole game from night, after a good challange. Was i told.
      Jayasuria took basically all the awards, kept going back and forth
      But his 189 was really well played. Just a little more for the record eh?
      Murali, what can you say, he's something.
      Sri Lanka deserved to win. A team that won every game very well in the tornament, undoubtedly needed this championship.

      What i'm disapointed is, India did nothing. Tendulkar did a lob back to Vaas, and Ganguly didn't use his feet when he got out, and so on for everyone.

      Best of luck next time. Oh and ManiaX bhai it was 54/all out. yes even more ouch for the fact lowest in Sharjah.


        best batting line up huh or is it best betting line up


          wel , ppl India is a good side, no doubt, but who keya hay kay...aaj ub ka bura dinn tha.... aur wasay bhee SL is goin at top... so take it easy...sub chulta hay... cricket is game of one ball...


            Check this out. Boys, on the way home..if I were you I'd duck

            That said - The Pakistani side should'nt be laughing too hard - I believe we still hold the dubious distinction of being bowled out for 43....

            total-cricket gives you a blow by blow account of just how a team was bowled out for 54 runs in 26.3 overs

            8/1, 3 overs
            Saurav Ganguly c Jayasuriya b Vaas 3 (13)
            The Indian skipper attempts to heave across the line. Long-on fence, the desired destination is 40 yards too far, the ball goes up miles in the air to fall in the lap of Jayasuriya at mid-on.

            10/2, 4.2 overs
            Sachin Tendulkar c & b Vaas 5 (11)
            Vaas holds one back just a fraction to have the little master playing a little too early - and much too uppishly - back to the bowler. End of all hopes of a repeat of the 1998 'Desert Storm' from the 'lil master.

            15/3, 6.5 overs
            Yuvraj Singh c Sangakkara b Vaas 3 (8)
            Promoted to number three, Yuvraj blows his big chance, playing a tad away from his body - a half-hearted lunge with hard hands - to pop the ball to Sangakkara at mid-on.

            19/4, 8.2 overs
            Vinod Kambli c Jayasuriya b Vaas 3 (15)
            Vaas pitches it in the corridor, Kambli flashes, Jayasuriya takes a blinder flying away to his left at a floating slip position. This from a man who has batted for nearly 3 1/2 hours in the first innings.

            30/5, 11.5 overs
            Hemang Badani c Arnold b Zoysa 9 (17)
            Zoysa pitches short, Badani gets hit on the head, Zoysa pitches short again, Badani pulls and misses, Zoysa pitches short again, Badani pulls and gets out. Simple as that really!

            39/6, 17.3 overs
            Vijay Dahiya b Muralitharan 4 (14)
            Murali throws it up outside off-stump; the ball dips, rips and squeezes between bat and pad to rattle timber. What a sight for an offie!

            44/7, 19.4 overs
            Robin Singh b Muralitharan 11 (38)
            Robin misjudges- a) length, plays back to a well pitched up ball, b) turn, tries to cut what he assumes to be an off break but is a straighter one - the combination is pretty lethal, he gets bowled!

            49/8, 21.3 overs
            Sunil Joshi run-out 4 (11)
            The funniest one of them all; Joshi cuts, calls, Agarkar responds, both stop half-way down the track, Agarkar turns and runs back, Joshi turns and watches, Joshi out!

            50/9, 23.1 overs
            Ajit Agarkar b Muralitharan 2 (10)
            Murali lets rip another big offie, ball pitches two feet outside off-stump, comes back enough to beat the outside edge and clip the bail. Doubts whether Kaluwitharana dislodged the bail with his gloves are quickly removed by the third eye.

            54 all out, 26.3 overs
            Zaheer Khan c Kaluwitharana b Vaas 1 (14)
            Vaas puts another one right on the spot, Zaheer dabbles, gets a faint nick, lil Kalu does the rest. Zaheer, India put out of their misery.

            Believe In Angels.



              Doesn't India have the record for the lowest ODI total... or was is Pakistan.. think it was 46 all out


                In test i think india scvored 41 all out against england at lord in 70 -71 or so


                  Well.. so whose got the lowest ODI score.. India or Pak.. coz i remember its one of'em .. ne one knows who it was /!??!?!


                    ahahhahahaha the new sensational yuvraj singh have done it again.indeed he is second tendulkar for india hahahahahaha


                      india should have been given second innings to chase 245. i am sure they will still lose. good that india is playing bangladesh, maybe will win after a hard fight and with some luck.


                        They are going to play Bangaldesh and Zimbabwe in coming 4 months. so there is every chance that mediocres will retain place in team. Now people have read Zaheer. They know his action with bouncer and with yorker. so now he has to think what to do about it and it can be done only if india plays top teams which have good batsmen. thus i believe, it will be good for india to tour pakistan even if they get routed there.


                          Yeah maniaX it must hurt the indians but i guess the same for us(Pakistanis). The indians succeeded in saving saeed anwar's record but unfortunately couldn't save our highest margin victory over B.desh. and that's indeed a little sour for pakistan.
                          but any way the sri lankans out classed the indians in a well deserved victory.


                            Originally posted by Ahmad_2000:
                            Yeah maniaX it must hurt the indians but i guess the same for us(Pakistanis). The indians succeeded in saving saeed anwar's record but unfortunately couldn't save our highest margin victory over B.desh
                            but look at it this way, if indians got out for less that 46, it would have broken all time low by pakistan agaist windies in 92.


                              It sure was humiliating Sri-Lanka has came out of age they look good .. they still do not have the amount of talent that Pakistan and India have.. but on the pro level talent is one factor but not THE factor of being good Lankan coach has done an excellent job .. Srilanka plays like a unit .. they combine their modest talent (except for Murali and Jay) with skill, mental toughness, hard work and planning .. Pakistan and India have never adopted the coaching and planning philosophy Coaching combined with talent and planning it can make a team formidable..
                              Talent, coaching, planning and fitness work together but coaching alone is not the solution like for example England who is coached by one of the best coaching infrastructure ( counties) is still a second grade team .. the reason being lack of talent same is the case with Zimbabwe and West Indies .. Although these guys are better athletes but they seriously lack talent
                              Australia and South Africa are the best cause they combine their talent with all that .. Pakistan does not take caching seriously talent is the only thing that keeps us in the ranks of Australia, South Africa and now Srilanka .. India is one bad team .. Tandulkar often finds himself on the both sides of the game carrying the burden of success .. recently he has been their most successful bowler! Imagine that !!! .. they seriously lack good bowling skills when a team uses eight bowlers in a game thats an indication of lack of decisiveness on their part .. they dont know who is suppose to do what ? their batting line-up is a paper tiger .. it exists in the Ranji Trophy only rarely they click .. but on the positive side they have two very good prospects in Zaheer and Yuvraj .. I dont know what Kambli (not Kumblee) was doing in the team . .. the guy is a nervous wreck .. more later .. it got kind of long

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