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Pakistani spin kings maintain dominance over |England

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    Pakistani spin kings maintain dominance over |England

    Well, this is why I'm a moderator and you guys aren't

    I hate to say I told you so, but I did point out that after the first game we didn't really get an accurate assessment of our bowlers because of the freak conditions, i.e, heavy dew which totally negated our spin bowlers, not to mention our seamerts who like to reverse swing.

    2 fairly comfortable wins over England, and the cracks in the English camp are beginning to show. Poor decision by England not to include another spinner on such a helpful wicket, and they are starting to worry about the havoc Mushy , Saqlain and and Afridi might cause in the test matches.

    Once again, a poor decision by umpire Mian Mohammed Aslam, where Hussain was given out lbw despite the ball clearly pitching outside leg stump. It doesn't look good, and I don't even think he was being biased. It looked as if he wasn't even aware of the rules governing balls pitching outside. The umpiring was best in the Lahore game by a long way.

    Anyway, good win by Pakistan and well deserved all things considered.


    Well, it's impossible to describe such pathetic umpiring in any other words except - total incompetence. I can understand someone making a mistake but Hussain's dismissal was ridiculous. PCB should really think about sending their umpires to proper training courses because their reputation isent getting any better, and justifiably so.

    Nice win for Pakistan. England blew it with their batting basically. They had the best of the batting conditions and they made a mess out of it. Pakistan made a meal out of chasing a small total but thats nothing new unfortunately. Razzaq, Yousef and Haq were able to steady the ship after some sloppy stuff from the top order, which was missing Saeed Anwar(fever and throat). I think if we have enough common sense to prepare spinning tracks, then we should win the test series.But if we go with the lousy tracks that we had last season when the Lankans were here - then the Poms have as good a chance as anybody because they have had no problems dealing with Wasim Akram who's two wickets in the ODI are largely due to his umpiring buddies. Shoaib Akhter is out but there`s a new fast bowler who is supposed to be as quick as Akhter called Ali Sami. He may get a game and if he does - watch out!

    Believe In Angels.



      Congrats all !!! but did ne one watch the match ?!?!?!


        Originally posted by Mr Xtreme:
        [B]Well, this is why I'm a moderator and you guys aren't :
        Xtreme, You're da man !!

        I wonder if winning two concecutive games batting second means that Pakistan are actually capable of CHASING runs

        Hopefully, some of the players have put to bed the myth that they are not good at chasing runs