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Kasparov loses another game. Is Kramnik champion?

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    Kasparov loses another game. Is Kramnik champion?

    Now it is just 6 games left in unofficial world championship. Kasparov can retain crown only if he wins two out of 6 which is very unlikely given his performance till now.

    The games are amazing. Way Kramnik is defending when he is black is beyond understanding for lousy players like me. He loses castling but exchanges pieces at regular intervals and gets a draw and when white, his opening lines are wierd too.

    yes...i think kramnik is the new champ. kasparov needs 3.5 on 5!
    kramnik is very very difficult to beat. before the match started, i would have voted for kasparov. he's still a better player than vlad. but the challenger is in terrific form. this is the closest that anybody could get against kasparov.

    feast for chess lovers in store!!!
    in next few years,
    we can have great matches... the new champ challenged by anand, ivanchuk & company & offcourse kasparov raring to get his well deserved title back!