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Senior cricket players revolt against Javed Miandad

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    Senior cricket players revolt against Javed Miandad

    By Samiul Hasan in DAWN

    KARACHI, Oct 17: Seven Pakistan players have revolted against team coach Javed Miandad and an emergency meeting has been called for Wednesday afternoon at the National Stadium to defuse the crisis.

    According to highly placed sources, the seven senior players clashed with the former captain on the distribution of prize money earned from the ICC knockout trophy where Pakistan finished as losing semi-finalists to New Zealand.

    The crisis had initially errupted in Kenya, but deepened after the team's return on Saturday morning.

    The PCB chairman Lt-Gen Tauqir Zia confirmed in the small hours of Wednesday that he has called the seven players in an effort to avert the crisis. "I came to know of the situation only on Tuesday morning.

    "I don't want to lose Javed Miandad or the players on the eve of an important Test series. I want to settle this issue in a friendly atomosphere," he said.

    Who are the seven players?
    any idea?


      Well the ‘Revolution’ is already put down .. General ‘Mr. Cricket Know it All’ has reached some kind of agreement .. and he came out in full support of Minadad … he said that if they (nangy-pungay Players) have any monetary issues they should come to the baord not the coach.. I was surprised to see the issue was taken with Minadad not the Board .. the board gets to decide who gets what .. how come they have their grievances with the coach … I smell a rat here … Miandad is not getting along with our “Khalifa’ players … not a surprise at all after all .. there is no sense of professionalism and discipline among the players and the board … they huge egos laced with corruption and incompetence has created a permanent problem…
      The board should look for real and long term solutions and lay-down hard and practical rules and should be run by full time management not ‘Cricket minded General’ … Danda approach does not work beyond military and what in the world this General is doing running cricket … he is on active duty and I guess ( a right one) there are more important nation security matters that needs his attention …

      Hey one more thing
      These things are hard to explain
      For some it seems strange... to swallow
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      But maybe the first place we should go


        He already has enough money why does he want more??

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Rooster what about the professionalism of coach the reality is he always gets indulged in fights over money. The reality is that when he resigned before World cup it was due to money as well but everyone blamed Wasim Akram. The names of the players that Miandad mentioned after the Sharjah defeat against England included Moin, Razzaq, Mehmood. Inzamam and Afridi. Wasim's name was not in it. Now Javaid is back again with same Moin as captain call this professionalism. Reality is javaid new that Pakistan has only a grim chance of winning the world cup so he thought it is in his best interest to resign because if Pakistan loose everyone wold say due to his absence it turned out that way he always knew that he will be back. This is his professionalism.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!



            By Rick Eyre

            You have to go back to 1982 to find the first time members of the Pakistan
            cricket team refused to play under Javed Miandad. The legendary batsmen, his
            country's highest runscorer in Test history, has been at the centre of
            friction several times over the years either as captain or as coach. This
            time, he appears have to emerged unscathed with the PCB's backing from an
            attempted revolt by seven senior members of the Pakistan team.

            The seven - Moin Khan, Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar, Waqar Younis, Inzamam-ul-
            Haq, Ijaz Ahmed and Saqlain Mushtaq - are understood to have approached the
            Pakistan Cricket Board following their return from the ICC KnockOut
            tournament in Kenya, complaining about the distribution of prizemoney from
            the series.

            Tensions appear to have arisen in Kenya when players learned that Miandad,
            the coach of the Pakistan team which advanced to the semi-finals before
            losing to New Zealand, took a share of the team's prizemoney for himself. The
            players, apparently outraged that the coach had claimed too big a share,
            complained to the PCB following their return to Pakistan, reportedly
            demanding that Miandad be replaced as coach.

            Yesterday, PCB chairman Lt-Gen Tauqir Zia held a meeting in Karachi with six
            of the players - Saqlain Mushtaq being unavailable. Following the two hour
            meeting, Lt-Gen Zia announced that the dispute had been resolved and that
            Miandad would be continuing as coach.

            "The players' argument on what should be his professional fee, or if he
            should not have a share in prize-money is weightless. It is not the players
            but the PCB's discretion what contract they offer to the coach," Lt-Gen Zia
            told a press conference yesterday evening.

            "There are some minor differences, but that is always the case in a family,"
            the PCB chairman said.

            Pakistan captain Moin Khan agreed that the problem had been sorted out,
            saying of the meeting "What happened between the four walls and under the
            roof is confidential."

            It is believed, however, that the grievances between the players and Miandad
            were not just over finances, but over the coach's methods and his
            relationship with his team.

            Miandad took over as coach of the Pakistan team for the second time in March
            this year. He had previously been coach from September 1998 until leaving
            suddenly about three weeks before the start of the 1999 World Cup.

            The England camp, currently preparing for the first game of their Pakistan
            tour this Friday in Karachi, were generally without comment about their
            opponents' internal woes, though Graham Thorpe did appear in the press today
            with what must rate as the Unwise Quote Of The Day:

            "That's for them to deal with. If they get distracted by all this then that
            would be great"

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              Maindad is always in center of controversies and I think making him coach will produce some controversies .. the point I am trying to make is that Mainadad or no Miandad .. players need to learn to respect and listen to their coach .. Coach has to be tough to get the best from his players… the recent controversy was an issue with the board .. Miandad does not get to decide who gets how much … its up to the Board .. and if the players are man enough they should take it to the real authority .. Akram is a great player .. consistent and many times have single handedly won the game for PAK . he is arguably one of the elite bowler to have played Cricket … but he is a shady figure .. and proof of his involvement in match fixing is overwhelming … I like the guy but if you are guilty you ought to be punished .. we do not need to make idols or gods of these players .. I do not wanna judge their performance by their personal behavior ( drinking, dope, or sleeping around ) that’s non-of –my business.. but if they cheat and break the laws and disgrace their country in the process (of playing cricket) the ought to be punished not honored ! miandad have and had communication problems… players revolted against him when he was made skipper .. so obviously Minadad has a problem for right or wrong reasons but he did not violate any laws or cheat his countrymen the guy played when he was sick and fasting .. he played for Pakistan .. he played for the pride of the country .. Akram plays (or at least in past 5 years or so) for personal glory and gains .. he is the one who pulled out at the last minute from Calcutta quarterfinal leaving his team high and dry at the critical stage … Pakistani therapist later revealed that he (akram) kept changing his injury story .. he did not let dr. Dan (pak therapist) to examine him…


                Rooster you have posted the same message in two posts so I am posting replies in both as well.
                First please tell me what overwhelming evidence is there I would be greatful. Do you know what Dan Kiesel said about Wasim's injury in court.
                As far as Javaid doing everything for the country is concerned tell me than why he did what I have mentioned above. Why he resigned just before the world cup he could have tolerated the players a little longer if he had wanted to He is coaching the same guys now isn't he.
                We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                  Rooster forgot to mention onething Do you know how many times Wasim has played the game after taking ingections. I know you don't. Just because he did not play one game does not mean he never played for his country sick. Anyways I am to saying throw him out get rid of him only if this will solve your problem.

                  Have a nice time.
                  We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!