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Violent Bengali Gun-Goli slaughters SA

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    Violent Bengali Gun-Goli slaughters SA

    It is India vs. SA in finals.

    India has found two new guys which seem really promising, Yuvraj and Zaheer.

    Correction -
    (unless Ullu has edited his post) :
    Its actually India vs. NZ


      not out 141
      balls: 142
      fours: 11
      sixes: 6
      strike rate : 99

      That was the 'prince of calcoota' at his best !!


        Way to go India.


        Best of luck for the finals.
        Do come to Pakistan in January it will be great.
        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


          No matter who India beats, Pakistan is a better team and they always will be.
          If India beats NZ then they should accept the Pakistani challenge like real winners and should come to Pakistan like real winners so we could destroy them.
          BTW, congrats to India for beating S.A, nice work from the skipper, and now lets hope they beat NZ so they won't have any excuses for not to come to Pakistan in January.

          Thank you, come again


            India crushed the overconfident S.Africans, just like it was meant to be.

            good job india

            would have loved to see pakistan here, but hopefully soon enough these 2 will confront.

            UMAIR316: the better teams are in the finals bro.

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              Doubt whether the Indians will go to Pakistan - lets face it - they'll get their butts kicked by the Pakistanis and then again when they go back to India...

              So, they're better off playing one off test matches against Bangladesh and polishing their batting records against the likes of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya etc.

              Believe In Angels.



                << So, they're better off playing one off test matches against Bangladesh and polishing their batting records against the likes of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya etc.>>

                Yes! we are better off playing with these teams as we do not loose easily with them like the way Bangladesh defeated Pakistan in World Cup and Srilanka did the same during the tri-nation cup where pakistan did not win even a single match about a month or two back.

                Do you expect us to come to Pakistan and play when your ISI and regular army is killing the innocents with the help of the militants in J&K.



                  PAKISTAN - ODI Record
                  Opponent ODIs Won Lost Percent

                  India 85 52 29 64.20%
                  Sri Lanka 84 53 30 64.87

                  That speaks for itself..

                  Btw - as regards Bangladesh - at least Pakistan lost to a team that qualified for the World Cup on it's own merit - we didnt lose to Kenya in our own backyard!

                  Bottom line is - with a record like that against Pakistan - no wonder the Indians are trying to hide. Cant blame them.

                  Believe In Angels.



                    Originally posted by pakistanigharib:
                    Do you expect us to come to Pakistan and play when your ISI and regular army is killing the innocents with the help of the militants in J&K.
                    Hey, so you believe if you don't play cricket with Pakistan, this matter will be solved, or that playing cricket with Pakistan will worsen the situation? What has cricket got to do with it?

                    Lets assume, Pak had beaten NZ in semis, would India had refused to play Pak in the final because, as you say, our military is killing indian soldiers in Kashmir?

                    I don't think so. This is just an excuse, and a lame one at that!

                    The real reason is ... that India has always lost whenever they come to Pakistan. Worse still, since Imran Khan's triumphant win in Bangalore (was it '86?) India has been losing to Pakistan even in India! Now that is a true insult.

                    I am sure, if Pak Cricket Board offers that ok, you don't come, let us come to India and play cricket, even then Indian Government will not allow it, bcz when Pak will beat India (wherever) it is bad for the morale of your ppl. Thats the real reason. And thats a fact.

                    Don't hide behind the political excuses to avoid a thrashing in the playing field.

                    Now that your side has picked up a shaky momentum, be confident and play with the big boys... come to Pakistan, as planned, and play some good cricket. We promise the matches won't be fixed, so you can try winning against us without the bookies' help.



                      Well said Pristine...


                        Congrats to NZ. This game as well others in this tournament proves that Indian batting is top heavy, and their batsmen need to post a large score for theit mediocre bowlers to defend.

                        I think Zaheer Khan needs to go back to the nests and practice bowling good length bowls. As for Kumble - I can't believe this bowler took ten wickets in an innings in a test match



                          NZ wonnn.....

                          awesome play be NZ..indianz were runnin away with a huge total..but NZ brought themselves bk into the game..

                          excellent play be NZ
                          india sux..failed to take adventage of having a gr8 opening partnership by sachin and gun&golli..[141]..


                            Cairns steers New Zealand to heroic victory over India in ICC KnockOut final
                            Peter Robinson - 15 October 2000

                            How much of a role Chris Cairns will play on New Zealand's forthcoming tour of South Africa remains to be seen, but he did enough in the ICC KnockOut 2000 final against India at the Nairobi Gymkhana Club on Sunday to keep his shares up for some time to come.

                            Cairns played through the pain of a dodgy right knee - he was only passed fit to play on Saturday - to produce a match-winning 102 not out and steer New Zealand to an heroic victory by four wickets in a nerve-jangling last overs scramble. This on top of an unbroken 10-over spell that put the brakes on India after Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar had given their side a flying start.

                            "This is the greatest ever," Cairns said afterwards. "I've been playing for a few years now - getting pretty old - and this is far and away the greatest moment of my New Zealand career. New Zealand's never got to a final before, let alone won it, so this is just the best."

                            His knee will be scanned when New Zealand arrive in Johannesburg on Monday, after which a decision will be made on his immediate future, but if he numbed the pain on Sunday night with a few celebratory drinks, who could blame him.

                            For the first 25 overs of each innings, India seemed to have taken the game away from New Zealand, but on both occasions the Kiwis dragged themselves back into the match.

                            Ganguly and Tendulkar's opening stand of 141 in 26.3 overs should have set up a total of around 300, but Cairns, Scott Styris and Nathan Astle slowed things up in the middle overs and India failed to kick on.

                            Ganguly said that India had batted "stupidly" in the closing overs as his side reached 264 for six. But they had them on the board. New Zealand still had to get them.

                            And although Zaheer Khan bowled erratically during his first three overs, which cost India 30 runs, Venkatesh Prasad nipped out Craig Spearman and Stephen Fleming in his opening burst to prise the door open for India.

                            For the first 25 overs of their reply, New Zealand kept up with the run rate but in the process, lost wickets and at the halfway stage they were 135 for five. No one had been able to stay long enough to get a stand going, but Chris Harris joined Cairns and the foundations of an outstanding partnership were laid.

                            They batted together for just over 25 overs and when Harris went for 46 with nine balls of the match remaining, they had put on 122 for the sixth wicket. They had seen the run rate go up to around eight an over, but neither batsman panicked, and it was the Indians who dropped their eyes first.

                            Cairns was a colossus, picking and choosing his moments to hit. He reckoned that with the Gymkhana Club's short boundaries and another of Andy Atkinson's perfect pitches, the target was always on. "I felt pretty comfortable after we'd bowled," he said. "Two-sixty on a small ground, that's 220 on a normal ground."

                            But someone had to stay there and get them and in the end it couldn't have been much closer, Cairns getting the winning run with two balls to spare.

                            For New Zealand, then, a memorable triumph and deserved success. They played determined, gritty cricket throughout the tournament and the mark of the side is the number of times they have had to play catch-up cricket and always come through. This is a very handy one-day team with each member pulling for his team-mates.

                            If Cairns had not been fit, Paul Wiseman would have played and Fleming gave him a vote of confidence too. "You've got to walk with people you believe in," said Fleming.

                            Ganguly was understandably disappointed, but he has a young team capable of playing scintillating cricket at times and with three or four world-class players as the backbone. More importantly, this team seems closer together, more of a unit than is often the case with Indian sides. If they are kept together, India could fast become one of the best teams in the world on a consistent basis.

                            İ CricInfo Ltd

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                              Congratulations to New Zealand. It's about time they won a championship, and you know what, I feel really happy for them

                              Always being over shadowed by Australia, it's their show now.

                              No wonder Cairnes won Wisden Cricket of the Year 2000. He is a world class allrounder... just feel one setback for them, that there was only 8000 people watching at the stadium. Majority Indians, but I'm sure the beer is flowing like hell in Auckland.

                              Well played.

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