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    Oh God please...

    Okay so this might p___ some people off but here goes.
    Oh Gog please don't let india be the winner of ICC knockout tournament.

    I'm really hoping that New Zealand wins!
    Yeah, that way Moin Khan will know that he really shouldn't be over-confident, not only about his own team, but about other teams as well (before the tournament he had said that the final will be Pakistan vs South Africa)! and nobody would have even thought that NZ will win it! And also because if India win the series they will really be able to boast that they took out both Australia and South Africa out and won the "Mini World Cup" as well! So I'm really for NZ in the final!


      Originally posted by Ahmed:
      Okay so this might p___ some people off but here goes.
      Oh Gog please don't let india be the winner of ICC knockout tournament.
      Are u sure if god reads this newsgroup. On the other hand, i have a hotline with god. if u send me 50 bucks, I will pass on ur message.


        I think India will win but my full support and prayers for NZ. Can you imagine what will happen in India if they win, we will not hear the last of it till at least the next century. On the other hand if the lose then they will obviously blame it on ISI and try and console themselves that way. NZ FOR THE CUP.


          Now you've really disappointed me ! I thought you are a true sportsman. You should be rooting for India -- we're the underdogs, right ? (or is it just dogs )
          But in any case, whether they win or lose I think India has put up a good display for once and need to be commended.
          But I guess we'll have to solve the Kashmir problem first before you start rooting for India . Anyway..look at it this way -- there are more Muslims in the Indian team than the NZ team. So there you go -- a great reason to support .


            I am surprised Pakistanis now want New Zealand and not India to win the championship. In the last World cup in the very same newsgroup there was big hue and cry when some Indians supported Australia (as Mr. Xtreme reported) and not Pakistan.


              Originally posted by BombayKid:
              Anyway..look at it this way -- there are more Muslims in the Indian team than the NZ team. So there you go -- a great reason to support .
              Well.. they will argue that Muslims in indian team are 'token' muslims while true muslims, of course live in the land of the pure.

              But I agree with u, irrespective of result of final, indian cricket fan would be happy with the way india won the two games, and won without tendlya magic. there seems also a fast bowler zaheer with promise and the way yuvraj singh bats, he looks like a test material. there is time to put these things to test. but someone who can whack donald for three fours definitely has a future.

              only problem seems dahiya, wicketkeeper. both saba kareem and dighe are better wicketkeepers but old and maybe that is reason why dahiya is in team.

              i would like to see others under-19 as well, reetinder singh sodhi in particular.


                lets be realistic........putting aside our childish envious and frictitous attitudes about the indians. They are easily going to win the finals, NZ is no match for their in-form team, which traveled a rocky path and made it. Strictly from a sportsman point of view, kiwis dont stand a chance. Wheter you accept it or not, this is how its going to be, basing on their overall performance through ICC tournament.

                oo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oo



                  Actually, the boring Kiwis DO have a chance against the Indians - if they can get Tendulkar and Ganuguly out early - the rest of the Indian batting is known to crumble under preassure. Singh looks good but he`s still young and he cant be expected to perform in every game at this stage of his career. But definately - India are the better side and they should be able to pull this one off.

                  Btw ZZ and Bombaykid - the remarks about the "cheering for muslims" etc were plain and simple - cheap shots..especially coming from you Bombaykid...thought you'd been around long enough to know better!

                  Believe In Angels.



                    Hmmm...ManiaX -- Yaar, tum to bura maan gaye
                    Yeah I've been around a while and I've seen people unnecessarily bring in religion into the discussion, so I thought I might just put in my bit. I think I should be allowed some slack since I've been such a decent guy so far .
                    And you should take it in the right spirit. It's a joke -- I know that Ehsan (or others) are not so communal minded. I was just heckling you guys a little bit

                    As far as the game is concerned I think if the South Africans had concentrated on the game more than sledging, they might have done better. But they won't learn -- they need to be shown their place once in a while like this.
                    But I personally don't see India winning against NZL -- I don't even remember the last time India won a tournament. Winning a tournament requires consistancy and that the Indians donot have. I don't think they have the confidence to win a tournament of this magnitude. So don't sweat, your prayers might still be answered

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                      Best of luck India.
                      I think India has the potential to win and the team is better than NZ.
                      As far as Indian's talking about the victory if they do win is concerned there is nothing wrong with it. So go India go.
                      We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                        GO INDIA GO - Kill the Kiwis. The indian team's morale is very high.


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                          i am a pakistani but good luck to india
                          they probably will win it
                          they want to win it more then any 1 else..
                          or at least it looks that way lets see what happens

                          the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work
                          I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by


                            I live in NZ so i guess i could say this loud n clear KILL THE INDIANS- GO KIWIS

                            By the way just to let u guys on radio sports n stuff every one is so happy to have beaten pakis that they saying doesnt matter we win final or not we r pleased with our team.....

                            Pakis have been a lil bit of boogie team for kiwis and kiwis rate them higher then aussies....
                            Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
                            Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq


                              You really are ullu.Of course God reads this forum.What makes you think He doesn't???But this really is off the topic.You miss the real point for posting this here.Well nevermind...

                              Kaka malang,
                              What do you mean 'Be realisic'? What do you think I would pray to God for if I wasn't realistic,han?

                              JEETNA HAI TODAY
                              match tomorrow hai bhai.

                              Duh!Disappointed in you guys.

                              mohabbat,(other indians),
                              I don't mind if india doesn't support pakistan in a match.BTW it's not like i've never supported india in a match.Hell,I always support india against Australia.Many other times too, but of course more often than not I root for the other side.

                              Give'em hell NZ.

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