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Pakistan Batting (Dis)Order

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    Pakistan Batting (Dis)Order

    Pakistan Batting (Dis)order

    Once again sloppy batting, this time by our middle order has cost us vital runs and put our place in the final of the ICC Knockout tournament in jeapordy. At the moment NZ are going great at 126-2 with an unbroken hundred partnership between Astle and Twose. Whether we win or lose, the batting was a disgrace by Inzimam, Ijaz and Moin. After an opening partnership of 59 and another stand of 50 runs between Anwar and Youhanna, all the incoming batsmen had to do was support Anwar who was in fine form and basically not get out. After a wicket falls, the one thing you have to ensure is not to give another quick wicket cheaply as it gives the initiative to the other side.

    Cue Inzamam: stumped by the WK stumbling out of his crease playing a defensive stroke.

    Cue Ijaz: gives a lollypop catch back to the bowler playing o nothing shot.

    Cue Moin: gets run out after setting off for a run and being sent back (rightly) by Anwar who would have been going to the danger end.

    All this while Anwar is still hitting boundaries at the other end, and all he needs is for these nincompoops to play with some responsibilty and discipline. Without Razzaq’s and Wasim’s contribution, our score would have been a disaster, as it is, a 280 score became 252 on a great batting track. We might win, we might lose, but if we are going to win regularly, someone needs to get a hold of these guys and make sure they realise what their role is in a given situation during a game. I can’t think of a single good reason why these planks should get out in such a hurry unless they are just plain stupid. Or getting paid to. Someone hand me crate of tomatoes

    i think playing 2 spinners was no good. saqlain did not get wkts and arshd was useless. playing another fast bowler would have been better option.


      Well those clowns cost us the match. we didn't bowl great, but the difference was that the NZ batsmen didn't gift us any wickets. Easy pitch, small ground, good start, a batsmen in form at the other end, and as far as I'm concerned Ijaz, Moin and Inzimam might as well have kicked their own stumps down.

      Ok this : represents my angry tomatoes

      ---------> Inzimam *splatter*

      ----------> Ijaz *splatter*

      ----------> Moin *splatter*

      There's plenty left in the crate, feel free to join in.


        I agree there is no point in playing Arshad I honestly don't think he deserves a place in the team. Our batsmen played like idiots (most) Gavaskar said it right "I thought some Pakistani batsmen sleep walked through their innings" But honestly this is what they do on most occassions. Saeed though played better although took many chances. Razzaq and Wasim did well.
        In bowling I still think we lost it due to Arshad Khan. I also think that when Moin brought Wasim back around 30th over he should have given him atleast another over because by the time he returned to bowl last overs match was over.
        In fielding we did not do well either. Faisal Iqbal gave away atleast 15-20 runs in form of overthrows and sloppy fielding.
        With this kind of performance against a hampered N Zealand team I think we will suffer in the home series against England. Remember we haven't won a home series since 1997.
        In the end I just want to say we need another bowler like Wasim Akram or some one close to him. A genuine fast bowler. I also dom't think that Moin can be a good captain in the long run. I don't mean to criticise him on the basis of one defeat. But I really think he is not good enough ever since he has taken over although we won. One reason is he has lost both his batting as well as keeping form. If he will keep on failing he wouldn't be able to hold command. Yes he played well in Dhaka final but even than he took too many risks, and after that he really hasn't played a good innings. Also his keeping is not as good anymore.

        The post I guess is very long want to say a lot more may be some other time.

        We should have won the match but full marks to New Zealand. Although it was one of those matches that we lost due to illplaning and poor performance of batsmen in particular.

        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


          But, did you watch the umpiring? For eg: Anwar was given caught behind without the ball being touched to his bat..

          Wasim was giving catch out where the ball was way up high and it should have been called a no ball....

          Couple of lbws were not given to Waseem, Arshad and Razzaq.. HUH !


            I think if waqar was in team, it would have been better. he could go for as many runs as arshad, but not without wicket.


              Well to verify myself, I had paid a fair amount of money for this match.
              Anyways I wasn't impressed myself either, infact I even shook the tv, just to see if it's just me or is Twose hitting these boundaries off every over.

              Where was the famous wickets that we are so good at?
              Once again that idiot, Ijaz Ahmed puts his pyscological spell on the team and we lose. But the way Saeed Anwar played another classic innings was very good, but when will the others learn how to play cricket?

              If this is the way Pakistan want to preform, then.... it'll be some series with England.

              Cricket is a game of chance.


                That cements my belief about the Pak team.
                They are a extremely talented side but very-very unpredictable. They might lose to Bangladesh one day and defeat a full-strength Australian team the next day.

                Sadly , matches are won on actual performance, not just talent !!

                New Zealanders on the other hand, there erratic winning record notwithstanding, compensate for their lack of extraordinary talent by 100% team performance all the time.


                  Wat a §uRpriZe when it comeZ 2 the semis!


                    I agree with Fantastic 1, Moin Khan has lost some good wicket keeping and batting performance since he has become the Pakistani captain but on the otherhand Pakistan has no choice he's the best person we could have for captaincy.
                    I agree with all you guys Arshad Khan is a big mistake to have on your team. The last time I saw him doing good bowling was in Sharjah and thats it, since then he has ben part of the team and he has done terrible.
                    Like someone else said we should bring Waqar Younis back, he would have done a great job.
                    Or atleats Mushtaq Ahmed would have been better than Arshad Khan.

                    Thank you, come again


                      they paki team never fails to disappoint

                      btw booooooooooo to the crackpot middle order, especially inzi who was probably still reminicent of his safari trip the day before.

                      an overall sad performance.

                      o©º°¨¨°º©o LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn o©º°¨¨°º©o

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                        I think the selection of the team was not so bad and give Arshad a break,he had a bad day,anyone could have it.At the moment we don't have too many spinners of good quality,and arshad definitely needs some experience.The middle order batting however continues to dissapoint.Ijaz and in my opinion even inzimam should be kicked out of the team.Youngsters should replace them.Afterall they could only do as bad as them!!But they will be getting experience.


                          I'm sorry, I don't agree that the blame should be put on Arshad Khan for this defeat. All bowlers can have a bad day, in fact, Azhar Mahmood, who took 4 wkts went for 65 runs from his 10 overs, and it was his wayward bowling that let NZ back into the game when they were 16-2 at one stage.

                          I put the blame squarely at the feet of the middle order, whose careless play turned a fantastic situation into a potentially disastrous one. Thanks to their lack of discipline, we might have scored 210, never mind the 300 we were placed to score after our brilliant start.

                          We would have been better off with saqlain securing one end while Anwar scored at the other. I don't mind losing games, but i can't tolerate such a sloppy attitude from supposedly professional batsmen. Watch their dismissals and you tell me what they were trying to do.

                          If I were in charge, I would make Inzimam go running every day until he has lost a stone in weight. It would be great excercise in discipline and motivation. Ijaz should never play again. We should try lots of youngsters in that no. 5 spot and without doubt, someone will prove his worth sooner or later. Ijaz is a good hitter, but his dodgy technique means he will always be prone to getting out early, and in the important matches, that's what happens.


                            Basit Wasim was out the ball was below waste hieght. Saeed's decision was though doughtful.
                            I don't say that Arshad is to blame I simply don't think he deserves a place in the team.

                            Umair I still think Wasim was the best man to lead the side when he was removed. We should try and find a future captain. In my opinion there is no point in having Inzamam as vice captain because he can never lead the side. We should groom a youngster instead. Moin made big mistakes yesterday one was asking Azhar to bowl his sixth over in first spell after he went for runs in fifth. Than he did not bring back Wasim after Chris Harris got out. I am not saying that Wasim would have surely delievered but he was the best choice there was no point in saving his overs for the end. Match by than was over.

                            There is another thing I want you people to give your opinion on What after Wasim retires. I don't disagree that the team has many talented players but I don't think any one of them can carry the image of the team None of them is as devastating as him. Our cricket is actually going down only we don't understand. We don't have any genuine fast bowlers. Waqar is still good but for how long we have him. Shoaib came he saw and he is now no where to be seen. Where exactly is our cricket heading. We have no bowler that can contain runs and take wickets at the same time on regular basis after him. Juat think.

                            Sorry for another long post.
                            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                              What was Arshad Khan doing there? Yeah, they should get rid of him, just as they got rid of Shahid Afridi!
                              And they just played badly all round...their fielding was pathetic...who was that Faisal dude who sent the ball flying to the other end, missing the stump, for a Four?
                              Me and my dad were sitting with our heads in our hands!
                              A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.