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Michael Shumacher: The new F1 WORLD CHAMPION

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    Michael Shumacher: The new F1 WORLD CHAMPION

    A thrilling day in the world of motor-sport; Today Michael Shumacher was crowned as the new F1 world champion after winning the Japanese Grand-Prix in Suzuka Japan. This caps the 20 years Driver's-Championship drought for Ferrari. The man has delivered on his words by bringing the Driver's Championship back to Ferrari.

    Ferrari's always so elusive pit-stop strategies backed by the accumulated momentum which the whole team gained during the last month of the F1 season were key in Shumacher's victory.

    Michael was always nithces away from winning the Championships during the course of past three seasons, but a slower car than Mclaren's was the biggest hurdle and kept him away from the 'big-dance'. Then, Ferrari rejuvenated this season by coming up with a much more sophisticated and faster car:F-399. The car definitely made an immediate impact and Ferrari had a great season debut, but stumbled during the Eurpeon leg of the season. Cosnsequently, Michael losing lead to the arch rival Hakkinen, temporarily. But, he managed to put up a strong finish by winning the last three races and retaking the lead for good. Hence, carving his mark to be the best driver in the F1 history.

    For more on this check out this weblink.

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    Originally posted by outlaw:
    [B]Hence, carving his mark to be the best driver in the F1 history.

    Yaar aik to these sports writers have a very short "long term memory"..........

    ME ME ME!!!

    Hey....can anyone tell me what clinton did with the Cigar???
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      First of all...these are 'my' comments and what short term memory are you referring to..?


        Outlaw Congrats to Michael and Ferrari,although for the last race credit goes more to The pit staff to clinch that lead from Mika at such a crucial time.

        I like Schu, but remember greats of just recent past like Prost and Senna..and thus shy away from calling him the best ever.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Yes I agree to some extent. Ferrari is known for its cunning pit-stop strategies..and they always seem to pay-off. Also, Shue insistance to keep driving on normal-tires as appose to taking a pit-stop and switiching to the wet-weather tires was crucial . Again the sport in which 1/100 of a second could entirely change the dimensions of the race..every single thing counts.

          Shue clearly took control after winning the Italian Grand-Prix, and it seemed like for hiw, it was-now or-never kinda thing.
          Not to take anyting from Hakkinen, Coulthard and company..these guys are not only elite F1 drivers but also fine gentlemen. And all these things translates into fierce rivalries which makes F1 so much more entertaining.

          Yes, and F1 couldn't be as popular as it's today becuase of legends like late Sena and Prost..hats off to them.


            what happened to Damon Hill? He was stuck with the mediocre arrows car soon after winning the title and even with that piece of junk he made decent showings..when the car did not blow out. What is his deal these days?

            any other F1 chamion whose father was also a champion?
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              Damon Hill raced for Mugen-Honda last season and retired soon after..I think he could have squeezed couple of more years.
              Fruadz, In my opionion the best team of this season was the Williams BMW. Despite BMW's fresh entry into F1, they had a phenomenal season. I think Ralph Shumacher is not far behind his brother in talent..and their second driver Jensen Button is equally sharp.

              Jacques Villenue also seems to be diminishing after winning the championship in 97..although he's racing with a very good team, British American Racing- Honda. I am hoping for his rebound next year..


                I am surprised at the upward move of coulthard recently.

                being a brit, i fondly remember the time when Damon hill, Mark Blundell, martin Brundle, Eddie Irvine and David Coulthard were all in top 20.

                Ralph is a good racer..and he will be next in line I feel.

                Two quick questions

                Ferraris in it, did lamborghini ever take part in F1?

                do you know where can I get a model of a very specific car. I am looking for the ayrton senna lotus..which was from early 80' car with gold John PLayer Specials logos on it.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Micheal is a damn good driver, thought Mclauren is way better than Ferrari.


                    Schumacher can be termed, though with lots of protests, as the best driver so far. at least on par with Fangio & Senna.

                    See his driving skills in adverse conditions...we watched him in Nurboughring & Suzuka this year...he looks as good as Mika or David or Rubinho on normal track; but come the rain & this man is head & shoulders above the rest!!

                    At Suzuka, though the pitstop was a great move, look at the 3 laps in between Mika's stop & Michael's stop. His driving there was absolutely fantastic. He built enough lead over his rivals to come back from the pitlane ahead of them!