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The invincible Mariners

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    The invincible Mariners

    Am I dreaming or what..or maybe sleep walking..Mariners ripped the Chi White-Sox in the first two games of the AL wild-card playoffs. Now, the series shifts to Seattle and the Mariners are one game away from a sweep, couldn't be more proud of my hometown(well close) boys.

    Yankees, be comes the Mariners.

    Well, since my pathetic Astros flamed out, oh, about two weeks into the season, I would have to say the M's are the team I'm rooting for.

    Hey, you got my Freddy Garcia, Carlos Guillen, and John Halama. And A-Rod. Dude is a hoss. Go Mariners.

    Imagine if you wouldn't have traded us Mike Hampton for Eric Anthony


      Mariners, Baby!

      An AL team wins on a drag bunt. Are you kidding me?


        Did any of you guys see the A's and the Yankees 4th game, they killed the Yankees, 11-1.

        Thank you, come again


          Well, I think limping Yankees should have lost the series against the A's ..anyway all around it's shaping to be perhaps one of the most memorable and exciting playoffs. Mets should take care of the Cardinals. I think the the Mariners-Yankees series will go down to the wire...eventually Mariners taking care of the Yankees. Perhaps, the world series between the Mariners and the Mets...

          Akif..would like to hear your comments..


            Mariners Won! They kicked Yankees' ass 2-0 in NY while taking the first game of the ALCS. What a game!! Mariners 'big-guns' came through once again with Alex Rodriguez hitting a winning second home run in the 6 inning...then Sasaki comming in the 8th and shutting down the was just a great game. Mariners pretty much took the NY rowdy crowd out of the game early and cruised to victory...

            Akif where are you hiding , man..?

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