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Ijaz at no. 5

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    Ijaz at no. 5

    I think this is a good move. Yousuf Youhanna is a very sound player and it's important we have someone with a good temperament at no. 3. Ijaz always looks awkward when he is defending, but he's great at carving up the bowling, so coming later on in the order will suit him fine. Good decision.

    Moving Yousuf at no 3 position is good, as for Ijaz I have no confidence in the player. He is an average batsmen who has played some good innings. We should be looking towards some youngsters to fill the slot at no 5.


      Well in Ijaz's old days he use to bat 5th, which he was quite affective. Basically I hate the guy, and I hate his batting. I'd rather have him off the team, and put some new guy there.

      Having Yousuf Youhana at 3rd is absolutly right thing to do. Youhana is probably the best at making partnerships, which should be the job of #3. Stop it form collapsing. Ijaz was just too agressive as 3rd.

      Haha that Ijaz makes me so mad.. whenever there's rumours of him being kicked off the team, he'll go hit a century.


        Well I personally don't like Ijaz myself but he has played some good innings before, but he's way much better than Younis Khan, so for rightnow he's the perfect person to be at No 5

        Thank you, come again


          I think Ijaz should come at No. 3. I think he is one of the best batsnman in the world. Problem with him is that whenever he performs well he is thrown out of the team. In last Australian tour he did better than any other but was sacrificed. He is a stoke player and itsnot expected from him to score big scores every time he goes out. He was in his eary stage og cricket life sent at 7-8 down and his average was very low. The only genuine batsman we have is Yousaf Youhana. After Miandad heis performamne in Test and one day internationals is best if u ompare stats not not ur personal likings.

          When there's a will, I want to be in it.

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            Ok, so I am going to post a completely baseless allegation. Before doing that, let me clarify that, although it is highly unfashionable thesedays, I still like Ijaz. He is a good batsman and has played some useful innings, and probably still has more cricket left in him.

            Now, to my unfounded blasphamy...

            Someone told me that Ijaz is very susceptible in his early overs. The reason: well, insiders say that before going to bat, he is always 'high'....high! I mean 'tun', like through marijuana and stuff. Well, so the insiders say, that when he goes in to bat, he is not seeing the ball clearly, so it is easy to get him out. But once he settles in,! then he starts seeing the cricket ball as big as football!!! So, once he is settled, no bowler can get him out, unless Ijaz himself throws his wicket away.

            Ah! what a relief, to get it out of my system. Guys, I tell you, keeping this sort of wild rumours in your tummy can give severe stomachaches... hehehe


              Does Ijaz have a big pawwaa in PCB? It seems like everyone can be booted off the team except him. I remember when he just used to bowl, and bowl bad! They called him the weak link!


                i think this should be the pakistan team in the following batting order. Any comments are welcome:

                1)Saeed Anwar
                2)Imran Nazir
                3)Yousuf Youhana
                5)Ejaz Ahmed
                7)Azhar Mehmood
                8)Wasim Akram
                9)Moin Khan
                11)Waqar Younus
                12)Shahid Afridi
                13)New fast bowler (maybe me....who knows

                Any comments?

                mein shair to naheen