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    Hip Hip Hurray

    Bravo Pakistan. We are in the semis. Pakistan beat Holland 2-0. What a performance. Lets hope we come back with a gold InshaAllah.
    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


    Since korea lost by only one goal, India is in a must-win situation with Poland.


      Inshallah we'll win the gold medal. What a strive towards regaining its diminished glory.

      Pakistan Zindabad

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        Source: CNN SI

        SYDNEY, Sept 26 (AFP) - Pakistan stormed into the Olympic hockey semi-finals with a stunning 2-0 win over world champions the Netherlands here on Tuesday.

        Needing a win to stay alive, the Pakistan scored once in each half through Sohail Abbas and Kashif Javed as the Dutch fell to the curse that has afflicted reigning Olympic champions for 40 years.

        No team has successfully defended the gold medal since India's winning streak ended in 1960, but the Netherlands contributed to their first defeat in these Games by a woeful display from the strikers.

        The Dutch looked a far cry from the side that holds the world, Olympic and Champions Trophy titles as they fumbled repeatedly before the Pakistani goal.

        Teun de Nooijer, rated by many as the world's best player, squandered at least three sure chances and Stephen Veen let slip twice, once even before an open goal.

        Pakistan, whose last semi-final appearance was at Barcelona in 1992, ended the preliminary league with nine points, one more than the Dutch.

        The Netherlands still retain a slim chance of going through, provided Great Britain upset the form book to defeat Germany later on Tuesday.

        Pakistan, whose only other win in the competition came during a 8-1 romp over Britain, revelled in the do-or-die situation.

        Abbas, the sensational penalty corner specialist, scored his seventh goal of the tournament to put Pakistan ahead in the 22nd minute.

        After that, it was a one-way traffic as the Dutch raided the Pakistani circle but were thwarted both by their own bungling ways and a sturdy rival defence.

        The Netherlands, who missed five penalty corners in the second half, paid a heavy price when Javed broke free against the run of play and scored Pakistan's second goal four minutes before the final whistle.

        "Frankly, I was not so optimistic before the game because we had to beat the world champions," Pakistani manager Islahuddin Siddiqui said.

        "I just told the boys to go out there and play their best. They responded so well that I don't have words to describe their achievement.

        "The Dutch could not score because we did not allow them to. God willing, we will go further now."

        Dutch coach Maurits Hendriks conceded it was "just not our day."

        "I have rarely seen us miss so many chances," he said.

        "I think the players have been on a mountain so long, they were afraid of falling off it."

        Unless Britain come to their rescue, the Dutch will play classification matches for 5-6 positions.


          DAMN WE ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            I hope they end higher then The Netherlands, otherwise i will have a hard time here.
            Insha-Allah they will win Gold.


              Well Done, Pakistan team.


                holy **** yaaroooo.... this win is awesome.. I haven't felt this great about hockey since the 84 olympics...


                  balay! balay!
                  Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


                    England defeated Germany so Pakistan will face netherland again in semis.. hmmm...

                    p.s. Pakistan finished top of the pool... heheheh who knew?!!!


                      Pakistan will face Korea in semifinals.
                      Australia will face Holland in other semi.


                        hmmm... really!? I thought top two teams in the pool play each other in the semis to face the opposing pool's winner in the final.. Guess not!


                          The 'winner of pool a' (pakistan) will play against the runner up of pool b( korea).

                          The 'winner of pool b' (austrailia) will play against the runner up of pool a (holland).


                            a watan pyare watan pak watan pak watan
                            a mere pyare watan
                            CONGRATULATIONS to all pakistanis.
                            inshaALLAH we will win the final too.


                              Xtreme lights a king-size rocket and stands back...

                              Guys, is our team on the way to another Hockey gold after so long in the wilderness?

                              The signs are there...

                              we haven't been beaten, yet
                              we whupped us (Britain) 8-1
                              we won when it came to the crunch
                              we won against one of the best teams
                              our team spirit seems to be soaring

                              Although I am tremendously proud of what we have achieved so far, it would almost be a disappointment to fail to win now that we so close.