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Ok.. so we lost everything or did we gain something?

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    Ok.. so we lost everything or did we gain something?

    So did we gain everything? or lose something? To me, I don't think we lost anything, but gained 100x more.
    You may wonder what I'm talking about, Olympics.

    Who cares if Maqsood Ahmad got 8th(last) in his 200m heat, but what matters is he got experience against the professionals. I'm 100% sure he met other people of other nations, enjoyed different lifestyle, a whole new world down under. These people are representing Pakistan, we should encourage them, and practice makes perfect.

    How about that Shazia Hidayat? She did really poor compared to the others eh?
    Last in the 1500m, with 5:07:17, while the average time was around 4:10:00.
    If she had fun, that's what matters.

    So now we get down to Pakistan and their hockey. Sure... Australia might have beat us. No biggie, we got 4th. Something still to be happy about. Not like we got last
    Ok ok ok, but a 5-2 loss ain't bad. You should congratulate them on their struggle to get here. For the first time in their life, they had to qualify for the Olympics, which they did amazing. Won all these other competitions.

    As someone said, The Champions Cup is comming up later.
    Life is fun when your having fun

    100% True!

    Thank you, come again


      Yah We gained peanuts.

      Our athletes have been gaining experience for past 12 years without winning a medal. I don't blame them they will continue to do so until the sports administration do something seriously about it.
      We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


        No... if you keep saying unsupportive comments, then how can one suceed better?
        110% blame on the Government, and the people. Don't blame the atheletes.


          PC I don't blame the players there are simply no facilities and you can not hope to win without proper trainning we cannot blame the athletes.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!